You will need
  • The original car from which you want to make a convertible. Machine shop or well-equipped garage.
The roof of the car, in addition to protecting passengers from wind and rain, performs a power function in the body construction of the vehicle. It is obvious that if you just cut off the roof, the car body will greatly lose in rigidity and strength. And at one point may simply be folded in half.
To enhance the body of the future convertible version is sure to do the following:
to make two powerful longitudinal and weld them to the bottom; therefore, these spars will play the role of the frame;
instead of spars, steel pipes (steel thickness not less than 3mm, the radius is about 20 mm) to connect the fixing points of the engine and the vehicle floor, and the thicker 4-mm beams to connect the Luggage compartment and floor, get the subframes;
- strengthen the frame of the windscreen;
- if redesigns convertible four-door or five-door car, the rear doors are reinforced and welded tightly;
- increase the thresholds;
- the internal volume of the body and Luggage compartment split hard partition, preveiw it to the body.
We recommend additionally:
- set the vertical amplifiers – tube reaching from the floor to the border, where it begins the frame of the windscreen;
- set horseshoe-shaped beam, the envelope of the rear seats;
- doors also improve a strong frame.
It is important that the body was in good condition. The welding of the reinforcing elements to the rusty body will not give any positive results.
All those strengthening beams will increase the weight of the convertible 100-200 kg (even with the lack of a roof). So don't expect to improve the speed and dynamic characteristics.
After the adoption of measures to strengthen the body and removed the roof. Windshield frame remains. Alternatively, in order not to weaken the body, remove only the upper part of the roof, leaving the sides (as in "Victory"). After dismantling of the roof are installed, arc security (for front or rear seats).
The mechanism of folding of the awning to calculate very difficult, but possible. The calculation is carried out empirically with the help of wire, and according to the obtained templates are made of an arc. Then, on the patterns made tent double waterproof fabric or leather. At the rear of the awning it is possible to provide the window with glass.
Have to change the salon. The fact that the open for all to see the cabin begins to play the function of the exterior but not the interior. New salon should be bright, attracting attention. So that it is less fade in the sun, old in the wind and rotted from the rain, it is recommended to use high-quality leather or special leather for the trim of the yacht.