You will need
  • Checks and certificates for all bought for trailer components and assemblies, description of the trailer, 4 photos of the trailer (on all sides) size 10X15.
Contact Interdistrict registration-examination Department (MREO) traffic police of your place of residence in respect of the registration of homemade trailer. Find out the exact list of documents required for this purpose. There you have to give a direction for examination of a homemade trailer in an accredited testing laboratory. It is carried out, in particular, and in the Central scientific research automobile and automotive engines Institute (NAMI).
Apply to the examination of a homemade trailer in an accredited testing laboratory. Attach to the application direction of the traffic police, and a trailer, checks, certificates for components and parts. You may need other documents. The exact list of find out to apply. Pay the cost of examination.
The laboratory checks the compliance of vehicle design with the established technical requirements. If expertize is successfully completed, the laboratory draws up the act of examination and issue you with a certificate on the trailer.
Apply for the certified registration of homemade trailer in MREO of traffic police, attach a copy of the examination report and certificate issued by the laboratory. The trailer will also need to show the traffic police. Pay the cost of registration.
After registration receive a certificate, state the number of your trailer and can easily transport goods on your vehicle in all directions.