You will need
  • - certificate of disability;
  • - individual program of rehabilitation (if any);
  • - passport and its copy.
Contact the clinic that serves your address. Watching you doctor will examine and determine whether there are indications for SANATORNO-resort treatment. In addition, the physician should confirm the absence of contraindications to this kind of recreation, so be prepared for the fact that you will appoint an additional examination.
If the specialist decides that you are shown the treatment in the sanatorium, and that your status allows you to get there, you will be issued an appropriate certificate. But to obtain you must present the document confirming the right to the permit, i.e. a certificate of disability. If you have an individual program of rehabilitation (IPR) issued by the Bureau of the ITU, it will also need to show the doctor. It contains information about what the profile of the sanatorium is preferable for you. In addition, the Ypres binding, so in the absence of contraindications for health resort treatment to refuse in the direction of you can't.
Please contact your regional Department of social insurance Fund with all necessary documents. Specialist will accept them and give you a notice of registration. You need to remember that of medical certificate valid for 6 months, so if during this time your turn on the Spa treatment does not fit, you will need to re-visit the clinic and update the help.
If you are an invalid of the first group or want to get a ticket for a disabled child, you can demand a free ticket for the accompanying person. It is issued on the same terms, that is after getting help at the clinic and upon presentation of a photocopy of the passport.