You will need
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - certificate of registration of the child;
  • - reverse pass from the camp;
  • - Bank account number.
Know your rights. Partial compensation of payment of the children's trips legally have the right to some group of people. In particular, the parents or their representatives, who paid for your expense of stay of the child in children's camp shift, not to exceed 21 days. Moreover, the right to partial compensation with the organization to provide the rest to children of their employees. The amount of compensation of cost of the pass varies from 40 to 90%. Usually employees of budgetary institutions reimburse 90%, and employees of commercial enterprises not more than 50%. The same rule applies to legal entities.
For a full refund of the cost of the permit have the right members of incomplete or large families, whose income per person does not exceed the subsistence minimum. Also in this category are families with one or two parents with disabilities. Count on full payment may persons who become disabled in the line of duty and veterans. Seek 100% compensation and if your child passed sanatorium treatment in the camp health on doctor's orders.
The right to compensation is given once a year and only one of the parents or his / her representative. The rule applies to one shift camp, no more than 21 days and are held in the office of the Russian Federation.
Gather the necessary documents for obtaining compensation. You will need to present your passport and a certified copy thereof. Also otkuporivanie the child's documents proving his identity and registration certificate for minors, as well as the originals of these papers. Find out full details of the Bank that services your account. Don't forget to put back the pass from the camp confirming that the child really was there for the change.
Please contact the office of the Department of education in your municipal area and write a statement about the compensation. Attach all the collected documents. The money will be transferred to your account within 3 months after registration of your application.