You will need
  • - passport;
  • - individual rehabilitation plan;
  • old stroller.
Consult your doctor for a referral for a medical examination.
Pass the specified Commission. It may take considerable time, as you will see different specialists. They will take into account your capabilities and the requirements of rehabilitation. The results of the research will be made individual rehabilitation plan (IRP). Be sure the. There was inscribed a wheelchair. If you have certain preferences or requirements, for example, the fact that the stroller needs to be lightweight or belong to the "active type", ask doctors to take this into account in Ypres.
Contact the social security authorities to provide you stroller. If you have it already, you have the right to replace it within four to six years of receipt, or in the moment when it is out of order. But you will need to return the stroller, which will be compiled by a special act.

Address Fund for social protection at the place of residence you can find directory of organizations in your city.
You will receive a confirmation of the employees of the Foundation that you put on the account as needing a wheelchair. You may contact this organization for information about your application. After the meet you can pick up the stroller. It can be delivered to your home or taken on their own, for example, with the participation of relatives or friends.
If you are not satisfied with the type of wheelchairs that can offer you Fund for social protection, buy it yourself. Prepare all necessary documents for the purchase and transfer them to the Fund. By law you are entitled to receive compensation equal to the market value of wheelchairs to be purchased and provided by the state. If your vehicle will be more expensive, you return only part of the amount.