Ask for money for the operation is necessary not only for those who are in a difficult financial situation. Sometimes to raise funds for the treatment of forced and quite wealthy people. For example, in the winter of 2014 the Russian mass collected money for the operation of the popular singer Zhanna Friske.

When trouble comes, relatives are lost first and do not know where they need to seek help. After all, today a very large number of diseases require costly treatment.

Where to go for help

First and foremost, it is recommended to contact various charitable and thematic funds. With their help, the chance to gather the necessary amount more, because already the long-established communication contacts with patrons, there are options out in the media, etc. in addition, charities are conducting various marathons, which are responsible for the collection of funds for operations, treatment, purchase of expensive medical equipment.
The only thing you should take into account that the Fund will have to provide documents confirming the diagnosis and need expensive surgery. If the disease is really hard to collect such papers will be easy.

Alternatively, ask for assistance on operation in social networks. This method is convenient due to the wide spread of the Internet among the population around the globe. Today, in the popular societies formed the whole of the thematic group with a request for assistance. They are, as a rule, are laid out pictures of patients, scanned images of documents, both medical and financial, etc. One of the rules of such groups - putting some of the relatives of the patient regular reports on the state of his health, etc.
This method of collecting in recent years have increasingly criticized, because in a network of a huge number of scammers seeking to take advantage of the situation. And more than once there were cases when the money from the accounts was missing.

Appeal to the media - another way to get money for the operation. You can put an ad Ticker that you can place a story, you can contact the specialized programs, to place an article in the newspaper. This way a good breadth of distribution.

Money for the operation, often asked in the subway, subways, trains, etc. However, in this case is not always such requests will be treated adequately. After all, most such beggars are engaged in fraud.

What you should consider

First, you need to pull yourself together. After all, to start collecting funds for the treatment you need with a cool head. Most importantly, do not panic. To find help you can.

Be sure to prepare all the documents associated with the patient: medical history, all expenses for examinations, treatment etc. Besides, there should be a paper explaining the need for expensive surgery and treatment.

In addition, you should be ready that maybe money will be found immediately. Funds quite a lot, but they are not Almighty. Sick people are also very, very much.