Advice 1: Where to seek help for the operation

Requests to help raise money for the operation appear online, on television and radio regularly. And, it would seem that many already know where to go if you urgently need money for treatment. However, if a critical situation occurs, figure out where to throw for help may not all.
Where to seek help for the operation
Ask for money for the operation is necessary not only for those who are in a difficult financial situation. Sometimes to raise funds for the treatment of forced and quite wealthy people. For example, in the winter of 2014 the Russian mass collected money for the operation of the popular singer Zhanna Friske.

When trouble comes, relatives are lost first and do not know where they need to seek help. After all, today a very large number of diseases require costly treatment.

Where to go for help

First and foremost, it is recommended to contact various charitable and thematic funds. With their help, the chance to gather the necessary amount more, because already the long-established communication contacts with patrons, there are options out in the media, etc. in addition, charities are conducting various marathons, which are responsible for the collection of funds for operations, treatment, purchase of expensive medical equipment.
The only thing you should take into account that the Fund will have to provide documents confirming the diagnosis and need expensive surgery. If the disease is really hard to collect such papers will be easy.

Alternatively, ask for assistance on operation in social networks. This method is convenient due to the wide spread of the Internet among the population around the globe. Today, in the popular societies formed the whole of the thematic group with a request for assistance. They are, as a rule, are laid out pictures of patients, scanned images of documents, both medical and financial, etc. One of the rules of such groups - putting some of the relatives of the patient regular reports on the state of his health, etc.
This method of collecting in recent years have increasingly criticized, because in a network of a huge number of scammers seeking to take advantage of the situation. And more than once there were cases when the money from the accounts was missing.

Appeal to the media - another way to get money for the operation. You can put an ad Ticker that you can place a story, you can contact the specialized programs, to place an article in the newspaper. This way a good breadth of distribution.

Money for the operation, often asked in the subway, subways, trains, etc. However, in this case is not always such requests will be treated adequately. After all, most such beggars are engaged in fraud.

What you should consider

First, you need to pull yourself together. After all, to start collecting funds for the treatment you need with a cool head. Most importantly, do not panic. To find help you can.

Be sure to prepare all the documents associated with the patient: medical history, all expenses for examinations, treatment etc. Besides, there should be a paper explaining the need for expensive surgery and treatment.

In addition, you should be ready that maybe money will be found immediately. Funds quite a lot, but they are not Almighty. Sick people are also very, very much.

Advice 2 : How to ask for help in charities

In Russia there are many different charitiesthat support people who find themselves in a difficult situation. An example of such organizations can serve the program of rescue of seriously ill children "life Line", Association for children "Children of Earth", a charity for vulnerable people "the Future of the nation."
How to ask for help in charities
You will need
  • address charitable Fund;
  • website of the charity Fund;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - a set of documents for the Fund.
Find the address you are interested in organization or Foundation (this can be done online by entering a search term), read the rules for the provision of assistance posted on the website.
Write a letter or electronic mail in any of the funds. Try to make it informative, reliable, fully illuminated your problem. Write so that people read it is not indifferent to your trouble.
If your application will be reviewed and accepted, check out the organization's website with the list of documents required for registration of requests for assistance. For each charitable organization required a different set. Some sites will have special application forms for assistance, open, fill in and print them out to put a personal signature, then scan your document (if you send it by e-mail).
In addition, in the case of different additional questions, contact the charitable funds is possible at the contact numbers provided on their official websites.
When you call for help, consider the fact that some funds will not be able to instantly provide you with financial assistance. In this case, it will be a gradual organized a fundraiser for you.
Keep in mind that you can refuse help, if the set of the documents provided by you is incomplete or doubt their authenticity; or if necessary medical assistance is provided to people or organizations that do not have a formal right to provide it; you get a waiver and if the Commission of experts of the Foundation will consider providing assistance ineffective (for example, the selected method of treatment or prescribed medication used in the treatment of this disease or in this case, will not be able to help);
In addition, if you refuse to communicate with the workers of the charity Fund, do not answer their phone calls and e-mails do not provide the required information, to avoid – it is unlikely they will be able to help.

Advice 3 : From what diseases helps the icon of St. Luke

Saint Luke is a very unusual person. He helped in the cure of many diseases and continues to heal to this day, because of the icon with his image have miraculous powers.
From what diseases helps the icon of St. Luke

Saint Luke – who is he

St. Luke was canonized only in 1995, but the healing he asked for and revered as a great healer long before the Orthodox Church recognized him as a Saint.

Saint Luke, born Valentin Voyno-Yasnetsky, was the son of a pharmacist. After graduating from the Kiev medical faculty, in 1904, he was sent to the far East, where there was the Russo-Japanese war. It was there that he received his first experience in conducting surgical operations to the young doctor.

Before each operation Valentine asked God's mercy for ourselves and for the patient, and his name the Lord was always in his lips. When pulmonary tuberculosis, in 1917, the death of his wife, Valentine threw herself into her work and religion, repeatedly spoke at meetings of theologians, and then took Holy orders. The outspoken commitment to Christianity, Valentine was three times condemned by the Soviet authorities to exile, but even there he continued to practice medicine, perform complex surgery in a totally unsuitable for this environment.

In 1942, Luke received the rank of Archbishop, and later, for achievements in medicine were even awarded the Stalin prize.

Any disease heals the icon with the face of St. Luke

The icon with the face of St. Luke pilgrims and petitioners with a variety of troubles. It is known, and that there is a lot of evidence that it helps in healing and from spiritual and physical ailments.

Pregnant women ask health for themselves and for the baby, young mothers pray for the health begat a child. Many people come from afar to worship the icon of St. Luke and to ask for help for loved ones who are undergoing treatment for serious illnesses.

Especially noticeable his help to those who need complicated surgical operations. After referring to the icon of St. Luke, many patients noted a significant improvement in their condition, the surgery was successful, and in some cases were cancelled, and even medical professionals recognized that a miraculous healing occurred without their intervention.

Wonderful facts related to the icon of St. Luke

The miraculous power of the icon is confirmed by the real facts of life. For example, in Dnipropetrovsk injured in an accident on the mend after their house was taken the icon with the face of St. Luke and the particles of his relics.

The Greek physician, after realized that medical means could not save the family of Muslims from poisoning, obtain for them healing by the icon of St. Luke.
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