Buy tickets in advance. The closer to the departure date, the more expensive the tickets – this is true for almost all airlines. 2-3 months is the optimal time to buy tickets. Even a month before the flight you can still find good options, but for a week or a few days is only if you are very lucky.
Buy both tickets at once, so is cheaper. Many companies, when buying tickets round trip, output the total cost of the tickets is somewhat less than if you buy them individually. The difference can reach 10% of the total cost.
When planning a vacation, choose a date that will not be the season for flying in this direction. This does not mean that in the place where you are going, will be at this time bad. For example, the summer – vacation season when the beaches and resorts in all countries are clogged, and you can buy cheap tickets is almost impossible. But the autumn season is the most pleasant, in the opinion of many people, time for vacation and the hotels are empty, and travel agencies and airlines are satisfied with promotions and sales.
If you really want to find cheap tickets, be prepared to spend time on it. Here the quality, cost and convenience of the chosen options you will be in direct proportion to the effort spent on the search. After reviewing several sites and by calling the airline, you will definitely find what you are looking for.
When you search for the most convenient and cheapest tickets see offers on sites that collect information on discounts. They are called aggregators, of which there are myriad. These sites gathers information about cheap flights, vouchers, discounts and promotions, including those conducted by the agencies. It may happen that the airline tickets are more expensive than can be purchased on the aggregator: which is a travel Agency arranged the sale.
Try to fly with airlines, positioning itself as a budget. Otherwise, they are called low-bones or Aviacenter. However, they need to be careful: all "additional" services, such as baggage insurance, meals on Board are paid. And booking system will first include you all these services in the ticket price, and not to forget to give them is yours.
Choose to fly days that fall on weekends and holidays. At this time, almost all airlines try to raise prices on their flights, so buy the cheapest ticket is unlikely.