When you don't have your account on Facebook, you need to go to the main page of the site. To register you must have your own email which will be sent news. Pass some authorization stages, including the uploading of your photo, and create a password. When you log in on your mail will receive a letter confirming the fact that you are a user of the social network.
Now you find on the website. First, you offer some services and talk about innovations. You can skip this point. In the upper left corner, the header will contain a link with your photo. Click on it to get to the main page of your account. Here you can also specify your education, place of work, study, add photos and social networking app.
For convenience, you can make Facebook your homepage on your browser. This means that every time you run it you will see your page. If you are not satisfied, can save the social network page in the favorites folder of your browser. In different browsers it may be called "bookmark" or "add to favorites" (Internet Explorer). When your account is added to "favorites" you can call it with one click.
When your family a few users registered on Facebook, please note that the browser will automatically load the data of the last authenticated user. If you don't want to, for example, your personal correspondence came across the household, leave the link "log out" whenever you finish a session on the social network. Assuming that some of your relatives did not come from the website when you choose your page from the favorites menu, you will see your account from the faces of the last login.