What is the difference

It is important to understand that all search engines are cooperating with the same airlines. No system works with absolutely all companies. Also, each search engine could hold its own shares or to have a program of accumulation of points, which can be beneficial to spend.

All search engines differ in such parameters as ease of interface, search speed, the ability to choose the best options, and so on. To make a selection, it is useful to look at each website and try to find any tickets. Over time, you will have a few favorite sites, which you'll use constantly.


This Russian search engine, the main office of which, however, is in Thailand. An aggregator searches for more than seven hundred airlines also works with five reservation systems and fifteen agencies. Such a large number of databases on which the search is conducted, oddly enough, does not lead to a significant reduction in the search speed, the result appears on the screen pretty quickly.

Overall, this is a very useful site, it has a mobile version and a few extra features, some of which are quite pleasant. For example, a card of prices: you can open the world map and see what about the prices to be expected in different directions. This is useful if you haven't decided where to go.


Another extremely popular system for searching airtickets. This aggregator works with almost the same number of databases as the previous one. Skyscanner! is an international system, it, among others, there is a Russian version. This is one of the best sites to find cheap flights, the price that it shows is usually the lowest. If not the most, one of the lowest. In addition, this search engine allows you to find a car to rent or find a hotel.


Momondo search engine created in Denmark. Its peculiarity is that it works with the vast majority of European lowcost, some of which are not represented on any other aggregator. If you are going cheap to fly in Europe, then it's your choice.


A major search engine, it is not yet too well known, but still very good. The database is almost as big as Asiasales or Skyscanner!. Sometimes it come across some very interesting options not found in other places.


This website is different in that it, in addition to tickets, you can also find a hotel and book the car, but it's not too surprising. Its main feature is that on this site there is a search for tours! On The Trip.<url> has almost everything you need to tourists, but the prices directly on the tickets are not always the most profitable.