How to choose a vacation?


Before you begin the search for a tour, you need to determine the type of rest. Depends on an online platform, where will be performed the search of the tour.

If the main desire during the holidays to roll around, soaking up the sun and sipping cocktails, ideal beach resorts.

If the main purpose of visiting museums and attractions that will suit any country within the Schengen zone.

Fans of extreme adventures you should use a special site that collects a variety of tours from all tour operators, including extreme.

Beach tours

пляжные туры

The easiest way to find tours in a classic country-oriented beach vacation. There are 2 methods self-selection round.

The easiest way to go to the site online booking tours. For example, There is a special window where you must enter all the required data. The number of people, date of departure, country of departure, country of arrival, the resort, at the request of a specific hotel or just the stardom, the number of nights and type of food. There is an important caveat: when visiting countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Tunisia or India, diet need to choose only All — all inclusive. If you choose Breakfast only or half Board, that is necessary in restaurants, where the prices are quite high. And then all the rest will result in considerable money.

Entering all required data click on the search button. The system will return a list of tours on specified criteria to increase prices. It now remains to choose the perfect combination of quality and price.

Also on this site you can find last minute trips, which price pennies. But these tours are relevant, if possible in the shortest possible time to collect the suitcase and go on vacation.

You can search for tours directly from the tour operators. For example, Biblio-Globus very often offers its clients tours at attractive prices.

Tours to the countries of the Schengen area


If there is an open Schengen visa, you can pick up tour save significant money. Just go to the hotel reservation system. For example,,, or and by choosing the hotel to book it. Payment can be either immediately with the card or the place.

Now select the ticket. The cost of a ticket is directly dependent on the city of departure. If the departure is from St. Petersburg, it will be more expensive than from Moscow. But if you're on a Schengen flight then you can book from Finland. Prices will be significantly cheaper, as inside the Schengen area are not paid fuel surcharges. Besides, periodically there are substantial discounts on tickets. For example, there were occasions when a round — trip flight to Tenerife was only $15. Book flights on the site

Extreme tours


Find tours, with rafting, climbing Kilimanjaro or even visit the Arctic and Antarctic regions is possible via the website When choosing a route it is necessary to ascertain whether the flight to the country or it is necessary to select separately. Everything else on this website you can choose and new year tours, attractions.