There are several ways to buy cheap air tickets: advantage of low-cost carriers "low cost", track spec.airlines offer regular flights, buy a last-minute ticket on a Charter, irregular flight. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of all three options. Some five years ago, we have not even heard about the existence of the so-called low-cost carriers or “Low cost” airlines. Their name suggests that they are ready to offer you the lowest price on tickets, but you will have to put up with some inconveniences. As a rule, the price of such tickets not included Luggage, meals on Board, seat selection in the cabin at check in at the airport. For all this you will have to pay extra, and sometimes it's a pretty impressive amount. To use the services of low - cost companies is advantageous if you are traveling on a short distance without Luggage. In addition, such a carrier is using the services of small remote airports that affect the cost of tickets, but can be uncomfortable for passengers. Now any airline closely monitors market trends and regularly prepares special.suggestions on different routes, using which you can buy a ticket 2-3 times cheaper than the normal rate. Such proposals also have some limitations. Typically, events are for a small period of time (over several days) and apply for a limited number of flights and departure dates. In high season expect a drop in prices is not worth it. Carefully read the terms and conditions of the purchased ticket, because usually he is not subject to refund and to rebook the date of departure is possible only by paying a large fine. But in the ticket price already includes baggage for long flights, hot meals and drinks. The last option is to use a Charter flight. This is not always possible because of irregular flights are organized by tour operators to popular holiday destinations and is available for sale only a few days before the departure date. So if you plan the trip in advance, it is better to use the services of regular lines. A ticket on a Charter flight it is impossible to exchange or return, and the departure time can vary significantly. Based on what plan the trip and what dates you are planning, choose a convenient way to buy cheap tickets and travel with pleasure!