Advice 1: Cheap tickets: how and when to buy them

Today, when prices for air travel grow rapidly in connection with rising oil prices, the question becomes more urgent: how to save on tickets?
Cheap tickets: how and when to buy them

There are several ways to buy cheap air tickets: advantage of low-cost carriers "low cost", track spec.airlines offer regular flights, buy a last-minute ticket on a Charter, irregular flight. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of all three options. Some five years ago, we have not even heard about the existence of the so-called low-cost carriers or “Low cost” airlines. Their name suggests that they are ready to offer you the lowest price on tickets, but you will have to put up with some inconveniences. As a rule, the price of such tickets not included Luggage, meals on Board, seat selection in the cabin at check in at the airport. For all this you will have to pay extra, and sometimes it's a pretty impressive amount. To use the services of low - cost companies is advantageous if you are traveling on a short distance without Luggage. In addition, such a carrier is using the services of small remote airports that affect the cost of tickets, but can be uncomfortable for passengers. Now any airline closely monitors market trends and regularly prepares special.suggestions on different routes, using which you can buy a ticket 2-3 times cheaper than the normal rate. Such proposals also have some limitations. Typically, events are for a small period of time (over several days) and apply for a limited number of flights and departure dates. In high season expect a drop in prices is not worth it. Carefully read the terms and conditions of the purchased ticket, because usually he is not subject to refund and to rebook the date of departure is possible only by paying a large fine. But in the ticket price already includes baggage for long flights, hot meals and drinks. The last option is to use a Charter flight. This is not always possible because of irregular flights are organized by tour operators to popular holiday destinations and is available for sale only a few days before the departure date. So if you plan the trip in advance, it is better to use the services of regular lines. A ticket on a Charter flight it is impossible to exchange or return, and the departure time can vary significantly. Based on what plan the trip and what dates you are planning, choose a convenient way to buy cheap tickets and travel with pleasure!

Advice 2 : How to buy tickets online

Long-awaited trip, business trip or just a family vacation in 9 of 10 cases starting with the purchase of tickets. And more and more people prefer independent planning the trip comfortable, but the ready-made package tours. Buy a plane ticket – it is certainly worldly, but deeper to explore some of the details of this issue would be useful.
How to buy tickets online

Who sells airline tickets

In the last century, the Agency sent passengers flying on record. People came to the office or called and voiced your destination, the operator has entered his name and issued a ticket. At the slightest problem with sending flight or transfer flight and the passenger is inevitably complicated.

With the development of air transport there is a need to establish a General framework, which is implemented in the form of global systems of reservation of tickets of Amadeus and Galileo (there are a few more, but these two platforms are the largest). Their databases offer tickets for flights on hundreds of carriers, and with this info there are thousands of companies offering travel services. The main sites selling tickets online are airlines, travel agencies, metapoiskoviki and online Agency ticket. Consider these options in more detail.


The expectation is that the carrier you can buy a ticket much cheaper wrong. Airlines usually allocate them to packages for large and small wholesalers and for individuals. on this Basis, formed the tariff rate. Of course, the carrier sells tickets at the highest price, and it may exceed other offers in the market.

The airline offers a limited selection of tickets – only those routes that you're working with. And if it is a foreign organization, study the information on the website will be in another language.
Selling tickets is not the main priority and not the activities of carriers, so their services online purchases are not always convenient for the user.

A chance to buy a ticket from the carrier for a very reasonable price, but they are small. We are talking about one-time promotions – discounts, bonuses and special applications. The airline may arrange the sale or offer exclusive prices on certain flights, new or unpopular direction, but this variant will approach only to those who don't care where and when to fly, and also a small number of lucky ones.

The main advantage of buying tickets directly on the airline's website is a guarantee that in case of any overlap will be the responsibility of the airline itself, which usually decides such matters in the shortest possible time and in favor of the passenger.

Travel Agency

To buy a plane ticket at a travel Agency is also possible, but it will try to sell a complete package: accommodation, transfers, excursions and additional services.

In a travel Agency, it is advisable to contact if interested in buying a whole tour if you want to get advice about the specifics of the rest of the country, there are difficulties with foreign languages or want to have a representative in a foreign country, because there is no experience of independent travel.


If you prefer to organize the trip themselves, you have a difficult or an unusual route and has certain preferences at a price that the previous two options do not suit you.

But a suitable search of tickets through the websites metapoiskoviki. They should not be confused with online agencies to sell tickets. Metapoiskoviki connected to the databases of airlines and online agencies that allows them to quickly select the best options according to your selected criteria. As a rule, you can filter your route by price, carrier, presence and absence of stops, departure time, and other conditions.
However, to buy here the ticket you will not be able to purchase your flight, you will need to go to the website of OTT (online travel agency) or directly on the website of the carrier. Actually, the fee for the transfer and ticket partners and live company-metapoiskoviki.

It happens that when you go to the website of the Agency or the airline user expects a nasty surprise – the final cost of the selected ticket is higher withered on the metapoiskovikom. Also, you may find that the tickets for the flight at all are already sold out. Do not take this as an attempt to deceive the passengers as a rule, is not more than the costs of database operations.

Metapoiskoviki can also offer services such as alerts about the hottest deals, hold contests, promotions, etc., So if you are planning independent travel, it makes sense to register on any site and use its services fully.

Online Agency ticket

Specialized agencies, which increasingly appears on the market, in fact, combine the functionality of metapoiskoviki with the ability to buy immediately the ticket. In fact, their disadvantage is that to bases metapoiskoviki usually connected to most airlines and they are able to "see" some special offers and Charter flights are not available due to the nature of doing business online agencies.

Obvious bonuses offered by the online Agency for the sale of tickets is worth noting:
- ability to define complex, multiple destinations;
- ability to compare and analyze the cost of tickets using the special scale by seasons and days;
- bonuses and discounts for regular users;
- the ability to purchase a ticket in installments;
- save search history and more.
Online Agency ticket often also offer booking of hotels and rental cars abroad.

How to buy a ticket online

The principle of ticketing sites selling them intuitive and simple. You specify the route, choose a date, indicate if it is important, some other parameters (for example, "direct flights only" or "only daytime"). Once the choice is made, hit "Buy" and continue completing the fields to pay for the ticket. Enter the name, birth date, passport data. Pay a convenient way for you (often with the help of a credit card).
For international flights you must enter data of the passport, to travel around the country - Russian.

Please check your email and make sure that the company sends you a confirmation and all information in it are true and correct. If you registered on the site on which you bought a ticket, your ticket will also remain in your personal account. Immediately before the trip, check in for your flight, print an electronic ticket or save it in a special app on your smartphone.

Advice 3 : How to buy tickets

Many passengers now prefer flying the plane than the trip by land transport. Tickets for flights are much more expensive, but there are several ways to purchase a ticket at the most favorable price.
How to buy tickets


When to catch a discount

All fans of flights you know that you can buy tickets cheaper before the flight. Some manage six months in advance to get their ticket. But many organizations that monitor the pricing policy of the airlines, argue that the best time to purchase a cheap ticket is 6-8 weeks before departure on international routes and 3 weeks for domestic flights. Also, some airlines and agencies a few days before the flight, throw out the remaining tickets at low prices for maximum loading of the aircraft.


A big impact on the cost of the ticket is the day of the week. Tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are always sold at the most inflated price as a weekend begins the main flow of passengers. Cheaper to fly on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Also on Tuesday from 15:00 to Wednesday 01:00 airlines offer to purchase tickets at a great discount. Time should look at the time zone of the city where the head office of the company.


Low prices on tickets

The cost of the ticket depends on the season. People go to rest in the summer, during school holidays and public holidays. November — early December, February to March is considered low season, so the tickets for this period are sold at very competitive prices.


Good save get on buying a ticket with a connection. For example, on a direct flight from Moscow to Barcelona, the ticket is two times more expensive than flights Moscow — Vienna — Barcelona. Another advantage of the trip with a stopover to see during the flight another city. A big discount on the ticket make when buying round-trip.

When you select the budget class of service and refusal of further service get much cheaper airfare. The price depends on the airline that provides the flight. In one company the price is higher than in the other. For comparison, the cost of tickets should go to their sites and make the monitoring of prices.


Help with buying a ticket at the best price

With self-seeking tickets at competitive prices, from mind to miss large discounts or promotions conducted by the airlines. Because the price of the ticket is changed almost every hour. Therefore, many passengers turn to the agents or online services that track ticket prices in real time. Many of these services quickly find the tickets at the bases of the airlines and offer the most attractive offers.


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