You will need
  • Thick lines, a lighter, thinner and the wreckage of the old plastic frames from glasses.
Many faced with such a problem that the spectacle frame drops and lost a screw. But it's easy to fix the materials at hand. To do this, take the thickest line, you'll ever find. One tip oplate on an open fire. Can over the gas stove, but you can over lighter. Press this tip to any flat metal surface. When the tip hardens, then a hat, like on the nail.
Plug the other end of the line spectacles frame and cut it so that it performed an average of 2 mm. Now collect all the details points. Instead lost a screw paste this homemade carnations. With a lighter oplate its protruding end. As in the first step, construct the hat. You should get the perfect rivet. In its strength it will be no worse than a lost metal screw.
If you drop the glassesand the frame broke, then the damage so you can fix at home. Broken plastic mount, if it is made of celluloid can be easily glued with homemade glue. If you don't know what made rim, it is possible to determine in the following way. Celluloid is a plastic, which instantly erupts from the offered her a burning match. Therefore, you need to death ear-hook hold the flame of a match. If it breaks out, then immediately put out.
Now prepare the glue. For it will need the wreckage of the old celluloid combs, combs, frames. With any solvent (acetone or liquid varnish remover) are very easy to make glue. To the consistency of cream dissolve plastic debris. A match apply a spot of adhesive fracture. While slightly bend the frame. This is to ensure that the glue penetrated inside of her. A few hours repeat this procedure two more times.