Begin customizing your binoculars with setting his interpupillary distance for this view in binoculars to a distant object and try to move and push the binoculars until, until you see a clear image, you should see a full circle.
Vision your eyes may slightly differ from each other, so a pair of binoculars requires diopter setting and focus. On the right eyepiece is usually a ring diopter setting to resolve differences of images, and the left eyepiece does not adjust – it is stationary.
Watching the remote object in binoculars, close right eye and turn the head of the Central focus until the complete definition of the image of the object. Then close left eye and look at an object in the right eyepiece, do the same to set the sharpness of the image to the right eyepiece, rotate the diopter setting ring. Ready – binoculars and focused in the future, you need only head the Central focus. If the settings are wrong, you can correct them or reconfigure binoculars with notes plus/minus.
If you need to change magnification, rotate the lever to change the zoom on the binoculars to the desired values, and then turn the Central focusing ring until you get the definition. Keep in mind that every time you change magnification, you may need to adjust the focus.
If you are setting up a pair of binoculars with variable magnification, to focus it better on full zoom, this will reduce the need to further adjust the focus each time when changing magnification. In order to focus on a closer object, focus first on the furthest possible and then decrease the magnification of the binoculars. Generally, binoculars with variable magnification image better and clearer at a close distance.