Today opticians offer you services for selection of points right on the spot. Because of this, you can save time, get expert professional advice; check your vision; to determine the degree of myopia/hyperopia; test visual acuity; pick up the frame and also at once make an order for the production of glasses. In this case, you do not need a prescription for glasses, all this will be specified in your order.
And the second classical solution to the problem how to prescribe glasses. You need to apply for an appointment to the ophthalmologist in the territorial polyclinic at the place of residence and a complete examination of the ophthalmic office. Examination by an ophthalmologist includes: tests to determine visual acuity and peripheral vision; the assessment of the work of the eye muscles; determination of intraocular pressure. After the amount of required research, the doctor will give the conclusion about the method of vision correction and prescribe you a prescription for glasses. And then you go to the optician for glasses selection.
In both cases, the ophthalmologist will conduct two mandatory procedures: a Refractometer or measuring the strength of corrective lenses and measurement pupillary distance. This figure is very important in the selection of frames and subsequently in the manufacture of corrective glasses. The proper selection of points will depend on your health.