By default, the locks of suitcases stored factory settings code open is 000. To keep the default code as it can be dangerous, so make sure to change it. To start, determine what type of lock on your bag to a fixed or hanging.
If the lock is fixed, open the suitcase, by installing a coded lock factory combination, then find the lock button the lock code, which is usually on its side and looks like a button or lever.
Take a thin sharp object such as a toothpick and poke a button to lock the code or pull the lever to the right and up. Holding the button in that position, change the combination in the lock, and then release the button or return the lever back to the position in which he was. Now your suitcase will be opened only after the introduction of the new code.
If the suitcase is equipped with a hinged coded lock, pre-open the lock by turning the metal an arc of 90 or 180 degrees, and push it in. Hold the metal arc in a depressed position and at this time, enter the new numbers, turning the dial discs of the castle. When the required number are installed, release the clasp of the lock.
Set code remember as best you can not to deal with inability to open the suitcase at the most inopportune moment. You can record code in a safe place, and also to use as code, the first number, his date of birth.