Where can you check your vision

An eye test can not only on reception at the doctor, it can be done in the shop. A doctor will diagnose and help you to choose the right lens or glasses, as well as identify defects and send to the doctor for a checkup and further treatment.

How much is vision diagnostics

Some opticians carry out sight tests free of charge provided that the buyer they will get the goods: glasses, lenses. Diagnosis and is aimed to choose the right optics with the help of which people can see all the richness of reality.

Other opticians offer a wider range of services. In addition to eye exams with modern equipment, is still undergoing discussion with the patient to identify the causes of vision loss, individually selected by the eyeglass frame, the shape of the temples. Ophthalmologist when the patient tells him about the latest developments in the field of optics, contact lenses and how to wear them correctly, gets the card for a patient, writes a prescription for glasses or lenses prescribes treatment. For all of these services will be charged at a rate of about 600 rubles.
To check vision are required in the following cases: eye injury, identification of the need for vision correction, prevention of diseases, in obtaining a driving license in the development of some professions.

The cost of an eye examination will vary depending on the category of optician, the skill of the doctor-the ophthalmologist, the spatial location of the cabin. This service is very convenient. In one place to check visual acuity and immediately pick up the glasses or lenses and get useful expert advice. Incorrect glasses sometimes. May become ill or dizzy, rise of pressure due to overexertion of the eye muscles.

When you need to get your eyes checked

Check eyesight some time after the birth of a child, of six months, at 3 years before to go to first grade, every year of schooling, ranging in age from 19 to 60, every two years, after 60 every year. These deadlines are Advisory in nature.
If people noticed that the vision has worsened, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Before the vision screening there is no need to prepare. Matter with him at the reception to take glasses or lenses, and a prescription for lenses. The doctor should be informed about the issues of concern about medications that can reduce vision.