Advice 1: How much is the vision test in stores optics

The organs of vision given to man that he saw the beauty of the world. Over time, visual acuity reduced, and all objects become blurry. To prevent diseases of the eye, it is necessary to pass periodically the diagnosis.
Points - save for those who have trouble seeing

Where can you check your vision

An eye test can not only on reception at the doctor, it can be done in the shop. A doctor will diagnose and help you to choose the right lens or glasses, as well as identify defects and send to the doctor for a checkup and further treatment.

How much is vision diagnostics

Some opticians carry out sight tests free of charge provided that the buyer they will get the goods: glasses, lenses. Diagnosis and is aimed to choose the right optics with the help of which people can see all the richness of reality.

Other opticians offer a wider range of services. In addition to eye exams with modern equipment, is still undergoing discussion with the patient to identify the causes of vision loss, individually selected by the eyeglass frame, the shape of the temples. Ophthalmologist when the patient tells him about the latest developments in the field of optics, contact lenses and how to wear them correctly, gets the card for a patient, writes a prescription for glasses or lenses prescribes treatment. For all of these services will be charged at a rate of about 600 rubles.
To check vision are required in the following cases: eye injury, identification of the need for vision correction, prevention of diseases, in obtaining a driving license in the development of some professions.

The cost of an eye examination will vary depending on the category of optician, the skill of the doctor-the ophthalmologist, the spatial location of the cabin. This service is very convenient. In one place to check visual acuity and immediately pick up the glasses or lenses and get useful expert advice. Incorrect glasses sometimes. May become ill or dizzy, rise of pressure due to overexertion of the eye muscles.

When you need to get your eyes checked

Check eyesight some time after the birth of a child, of six months, at 3 years before to go to first grade, every year of schooling, ranging in age from 19 to 60, every two years, after 60 every year. These deadlines are Advisory in nature.
If people noticed that the vision has worsened, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Before the vision screening there is no need to prepare. Matter with him at the reception to take glasses or lenses, and a prescription for lenses. The doctor should be informed about the issues of concern about medications that can reduce vision.

Advice 2: How to check the optics for all

More and more people began to spend time in front of television screens and computer monitors. The gaze focused at one point and the eye muscles remain stationary, due to which vision gets fuzzy. In the event of a problem with visionm immediately go to an ophthalmologist. Thanks to modern equipment, the doctor will determine with precision the sharpness of your vision.
How to check eyesight
To check eyesight, requires no special training. If you are using contact lenses or glasses, bring them with you. Some drugs can affect vision, so don't forget to tell the doctor about all the medicines you are taking.
The sharpness of the distance vision test using a special table Golovin-Sivtseva, which is named in honor of ophthalmologists, who developed this method. The table consists of twelve horizontal rows of letters of different sizes. In the upper part of the large letters, each near the size of the letters decreases in accordance with a certain regularity. The table feature on the wall, the patient should be kept at a distance of six meters from her.
Increasingly, instead of a table with printed letters use electronic projectors marks. These devices allow you to project letters, symbols, and other symbols on a screen located at a close distance.
The patient is instructed to close one eye with a special valve and check the visual acuity for each eye. You must read the letters in each row. If you are able to read all the letters in tenth place, the sharpness of your vision and the ideal is 1.0. If you can identify the letters in the ninth line – 0,9; if only in the eighth – 0.8 and so on.
To check near vision using a small card with printed text. Each paragraph is written with the letters of various sizes. To keep the text should be at a distance of 33-35 cm at eye level. If you have normal visionm has to read the whole text. If you are not able to read even the largest letters in the table Sivtseva-Golovin, the doctor will apply another technique to check the visual acuity.
At home to determine the visual acuity at the makeshift table, but very roughly, as it is impossible to meet all the requirements of the conditions of the study – contrast marks, the exact size of letters, illumination and so on.

Advice 3: Where can you check your vision

If you feel that the eyesight began to deteriorate, appear any discomfort, it is a direct reason to visit an ophthalmologist. To be diagnosed, should contact the nearest medical facility or visit a private clinic.
Where can you check your vision?
The world is perceived by each person, using all of the senses, which include eyes. However, there are many different factors that negatively affect this organ. Such factors may include permanent seat at the TV, computer work, unhealthy and unbalanced diet, regular lack of sleep as well as reading in low light or in a moving vehicle.

The man who his sight does not take care, will definitely face the problem of deterioration. Images before my eyes become less bright and saturated, will begin to blur. In the eyes there will be a constant burning sensation or discomfort.
In the best case, bad vision will be prescribed glasses for regular wear or for some time, and in the worst case, the doctor can send the surgery vision correction. Therefore, it is important to promptly visit a specialist for routine vision testing.

Where to carry out the vision test?

A lot depends on paid or free plan to get your eyes checked. When choosing the free check, you must visit the medical institution to which attached residential address of the person. This can be a special Department in a hospital or a local clinic.

This method is bad but the fact that you have to sign up in advance to a specialist running every day, and then sit a long time in endless queues. Those who value their time and prefer the comfort, fit paid service examinations in commercial medical institutions.

Cost of consultation and testing vision commercial institutions is relatively small, but their visit has many advantages. First, there is no need to sit in queues, just call and make an appointment, then come to a medical facility, where they will take on the new visitor map.

Payment is usually made after a visit to the optometrist. I would also like to note that specialists are working in paid medical institutions every day, that is to come in at a time that is most convenient.

Pass a vision test is possible and in the opticians in which there is a study ophthalmologist. As a rule, these professionals have a high quality and precise equipment with which to check the eyesight for fifteen minutes. The cost of services of optometrist optics is low, and if necessary, you can also select and order glasses.

How often you need to check your vision?

People absolutely do not have vision problems, aged less than 45 years should undergo preventive inspection once every two years. Next, check with good vision should take place once a year.

Unscheduled access to specialists should be in the following cases:

- with the appearance of burning and itching in the eyes;
- diplopia (seeing double);
- pain in the eyes and edema of the eyelids.

If the iris color has changed or become slightly squint his eyes, it also is a major cause for visits to the doctor.

Advice 4: How to check the eyesight of a child

A visit to an ophthalmologist is necessary for the timely identification of vision problems in children. The earlier pathology is detected, the easier it will be to resolve it. On examination, the ophthalmologist evaluates the correctness of the structure of the eye and concludes that the visual analyzer is developing normally and the child has good vision.
Early detection of eye disease and assists in its elimination
The first time check the eyesight of a child still in the hospital immediately after birth: neonatologist examines the baby's eyes. This verification without the use of special instruments is not complete, but allows to detect congenital abnormalities and abnormalities of the eye. Pay special attention to children born prematurely or in heavy labor. When it detects any abnormalities, the doctor gives a direction on consultation to the ophthalmologist. To check vision in the first year of life, you need 3 times: 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

The vision test at home

To check the eyesight of the child can own the house without waiting for the next visit to the ophthalmologist. Two-month-old child determine the reaction of pupils to light, and eye movements for moving the subject in front of him. In 3 months the baby needs to see relatives and confidently to fix the gaze on the subject. Six-month-old child should already recognize objects or toys located at different distances from his eyes. In the year of the baby normal know small object from a distance of 1 meter. To 2 years visual acuity increases, and the child tries to consider the subject from 2.5 meters.

The vision test at the eye doctor

The doctor at the first visit checks for visual acuity, i.e. the ability of the child depending on age to stare at the subject and follow him. To determine the field of vision, the ophthalmologist takes the toy and gradually withdraw from behind the head of the baby as long as he did not notice. Checking the condition of the eye muscles, eyelids and lacrimal system, the doctor monitors the synchronous movement of the eyes, patency of the lacrimal duct, the ability to age normally to open and close. Eye look using the slit lamp and Ophthalmoscope. The whole procedure of checking a child lasts an average of 5 min. After that, parents receive comprehensive information about the state of the eye and the development of a child.

To more accurately determine the eyesight of a child is possible only after he starts talking. To do this the doctor uses a table with special tests. After a year optometrist examines the refraction of the eye using the ocular optics. Before that, the child is instilled in the eye drops widen the pupil. An indirect indication of the status of vision in a young child is the condition of the structures of the eye.

Astigmatism or high hyperopia in the absence of timely treatment can lead to amblyopia, which is characterized by abnormal development of the visual analyzer. In terms of eye clinic performed electrophysiological examination of the eye.

Advice 5: How to choose glasses for vision

It is through the vision we receive a large flow of information about the world. The opportunity to see nature to us, but sometimes our eyes need help. Properly fitted glasses will help to solve many problems with vision.
How to choose glasses for vision
The main error committed when purchased sunglasses in specialized areas: in the stalls, in the subway, with market stalls, railway stations. In this case, there can be no question of compliance with the optical performance, and continuous wear such glasses causes eye strain, deterioration of eyesight, headaches.
To choose glasses for vision need in stores that sell optics, or in specialized departments of large pharmacies. Generally there you will be able for a short time to be diagnosed and a specialist will help you choose exactly need glasses. You will be absolutely sure that all the main indicators of the lenses will be met.
Remember that the main indicator of class spectacle lenses is refractive index or index lenses. The higher the index, the smaller the curvature and thickness of lenses. That is, the spectacle lenses with a high index are lighter, not so distorts the eyes and facial features, it is easy to choose a stylish and thin frame.
Before how to choose glasses for vision, it is necessary to determine the choice of the material of spectacle lenses. Today it is glass and plastic and, by and large, it is impossible to give a clear preference for a particular material. Plastic lenses are very light, not as traumatic as glass, thanks to its resistance to splitting. Also the use of plastic provides more opportunities for processing and dyeing of lenses. The advantage of glass lenses is more high refractive index (the index) than plastic. Also lenses made of glass, more durable.
When choosing eyeglass frames pay attention to such characteristics as mobility nosophoros and size of the headphones. Nose pads should be soft, preferably silicone, and movable so as not to cause rapid fatigue under continuous wear. Ear pieces don't have to press very hard on whiskey and size you need to fit perfectly.

Advice 6: As not to spoil the vision at the computer

Working day behind a computer screen, relax in the company of a monitor – all this negatively can affect vision. To keep it for many years, it is necessary to observe the regime of work and rest, maintain and train vision, safe monitors, with a certificate of conformity.
As not to spoil the vision at the computer
You will need
  • - vitamins for eyes;
  • monitor certificate of conformity;
  • - rational nutrition;
  • - gymnastics;
  • - special glasses.
Buying a new monitor, check out the hygienic conclusion. The certificate of compliance contains all the information about conducted testing. The safe to view the monitors comply with the Swedish technical standards TCO 95, 98, 99. This monitor will be the most safe for your eyesight.
Keep a distance. The monitor should be at arm's length. Set the maximum brightness, contrast and refresh rate, which should correspond to 70Hz.
Daily clean the monitor with special wipes or with a cloth microfiber and a spray designed for computers.
Lighting should be bright, but it is not necessary to put lighting in the vicinity of the computer.
If you feel that your eyes get tired and red, use when working at a computer wearing special glasses. They maximally absorb UV radiation, relieve fatigue. The price range in optical stores are scattered from 700 to 2500 rubles.
Every hour a short break. Take a break, drink tea or coffee, take a five-minute eye exercise. Lift up the eyes, take one, the other side, zazhmurtes, quickly blinked.
Do not overdo vasoconstrictor drops. You can use them from time to time. If your eyes become red, swell up, contact your optometrist. Will prescribe medications that promote eye and vision: "the Bilberry Forte", "Aevit", "Kuwait Lutein". A systematic method of balsam "Bitner" strengthens blood vessels and helps to restore vision.
Only pharmaceutical preparations for eyes is not enough. Eat right, include in the diet fresh carrots, olive oil, black currants, cranberries, greens, cod liver.
Comprehensive measures to protect vision and eye health, help you long time to have excellent vision.

Advice 7: How do I know what vision

Accurate determination of visual acuity and its features it is sometimes necessary in the course of employment of the person, if it makes sense depends on the effectiveness and safety. For example, this applies to drivers, pilots, sailors, chemists, hunters, videographers, etc. to Know how healthy your eyes it is possible on your own.
How do I know what vision
To study the visual acuity even at home you can use special tables that usually contains 10-12 rows of specially selected signs, optotypes. It can be letters, numbers, stripes, designs, hooks, etc. of Course, these tables (which in our country is known as the table Golovin-Sivtseva, Shevelev, Orlova, Snellen, etc.) was developed by ophthalmologists. Each element is not accidental, but according to their degree of recognition by most people with vision normal. In order to determine what your vision, place the chart on the wall opposite the window, stand up from it on distance of 5 meters. One eye something, close, other – see. Read lines it is necessary with the top row. Each row is a tenth of one hundred percent of view.
The sharpness of your vision you can also test using a special test texts that move at a distance of 30-35 cm from the eye and try to read. These tests contain multiple paragraphs with letters of different sizes. If you manage to read the small, your eyesight is likely normal.
Various tests to check quality of vision today, you will find it easily on the Internet. Print or look right on the screen, performing instructions written there.
To check vision you buying glasses at the opticians. Now, almost each of them is equipped with special devices allowing them to identify weaknesses of view, it is and computer diagnostics.
Naturally at home, you still will not be able to check what exactly you have a vision, and the optician is after all only outlets whose primary purpose is the sale of points, not a definition of your disease. So don't waste your time, especially if you feel that your eyesight is something wrong and contact the professionals-ophthalmologists. In any ophthalmic study is conducted to study the refraction through the diagnostic lens of different strength, various defects of vision and, very importantly, eye pressure. There will write a prescription for purchase just those glasses or contact lenses that are right for you or advise you, if necessary, to resort to methods of laser vision correction. And certainly not miss the beginning of something more serious eye diseases.
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