Avoid glasses with big size. When you looked to the side, you're not looking through the center of the lens and the thicker the lens, the more distortion is observed at the edge. With no high diopters this distortion kompensiruet the brain, with strong glasses this occurs. For people who need strong vision correction, it is recommended to wear contact lenses.
Be patient for a few days, if you have myopia, using glasses all items are reduced, with hyperopia, on the contrary, increase. The usual notions of distance you can operate when the brain will amend. Correctly pick up points so they don't slip on the nose. The distance from the eye to the lens affects the image size.
Remove the goggles when climbing or descending stairs, walking on the street, if you can't get used to it, because there is a distortion of shapes and distances to objects. This happens with bifocal or glassesstrong cylinder.
Complete re-examination if you are experiencing double vision through the glasses, this phenomenon occurs due to improperly corrected astigmatism.
Go to contact lenses if you are experiencing dizziness when driving.
Change points if the image is clear when you rotate the glasses around the axis. This happens in the manufacture of complex points. Check the manufacturing precision of lenses in a frame recipe.
Keep in mind that only care about their eyes will give you the opportunity to see the world to a ripe old age. Inspect the sight at the ophthalmologist. Pick up the glasses carefully and with competent doctors optometrist.