Advice 1: How to repair magnets

Over time magnets lose their properties, although this may occur over decades. In addition, magnets can be accidentally deprive properties when heated to a certain temperature. In any case, if their actions depends on the work of, for example, motor boats, sometimes it's easier to recover the magnets, than to buy a new one.
How to repair magnets
You will need
  • – a magnet or a blank of electrical steel or a ferrite;
  • – wire of PEV;
  • thin copper conductor 0,05;
  • – fuse Meringue;
  • – AC or DC;
  • – high voltage battery or battery;
  • – capacitor;
  • – powerful magnet.
If you want to get properties of the magnet in the internal combustion engine, first remove the base of the magneto, the ignition coil and remove the iron tip. Install the magnet on the corner of the table, remote from large metal objects and radiators.
Wrap over the core 500-1000 turns of wire of PEV in diameter of 0.1-0.8 mm in a time frame. If you need to magnetize a horseshoe-shaped core, the winding to produce in the bend magnet, or divide it into two halves and move to different poles.
The ends of the windings connect with thin copper conductor, of a thickness not exceeding 0,05 mm. connect the magnet through the conductor in a network of DC or AC or high-voltage battery (battery). Instead of a thin conductor to ensure the safety, you can use the Bose fuse in a glass tube.
Be careful at the time of passage of current, since the magnet when it is magnetized, and the conductor is burned (melted), and its spray can get into eyes and skin. Try to stay away from construction, keep the children and animals.
Gather the following installation: the coil in 50-200 turns and inside her former magnet or any blank of electrical steel and the coil dimensions must be 30-40% more than the size of the magnet. Orient the magnet in the desired direction relative to the field in the coil: either perpendicular or along the surface. Then charge the capacitor with a capacity of at least 5,000 microfarads and discharge it into the coil. To activate the system, use the push button switch: "charge" capacitor "discharge" through the coil.
A little to restore the properties of the magnet (temporarily), place it near a powerful current magnets with the correct polarity. After a month, assess the condition of the magnet – it will work much better.

Advice 2: Where applicable neodymium magnets

Called neodymium permanent rare earth magnets, known for their high resistance to demagnetization. They are used in heavy and food industry, medicine, computers and many other areas.
Where applicable neodymium magnets

The creation of the magnetic barriers on the production

Neodymium magnets create a strong magnetic field, without requiring the cost of electricity. In this regard, they are often used in production to create a magnetic barrier. They protect moving parts from accidental ingress of metal objects. Thus, neodymium magnets help to avoid damage of expensive equipment.

The fact that because of such accidental hits metal objects decreases the quality of the products and in the food industry or farming even possible deaths. Neodymium magnets catch screws, nails and other small metal objects without letting them fall in loose mixes, feed and flour. They are well proven in the carriage of bulk cargoes that are sensitive to magnetism. Equipped with powerful neodymium magnets separators are used for cleaning various materials from impurities containing iron.

Neodymium magnets in industry and medicine

From neodymium magnets make the rotors of the motors, they are used in sealed couplings and brake systems. They are widely used in the creation of wind turbines, as well as for searching and recovering solid metal objects out of the water.

In medicine, these magnets are used in devices for magnetic resonance imaging. In science they find their application in the creation of NMR-spectrometer and magnetic lenses for focusing and where necessary the deviation of charged particles.

Manufacture of appliances and computer equipment

When using hard disks of neodymium magnet is used as stator windings of the solenoid actuator. Headphones and different audio these magnets help to create a powerful sound while maintaining the small size of the membrane.

Toys and decorations

Since neodymium magnets have great strength at small sizes, they often make toys, designers, and gift sets to create different shapes. They are used in the manufacture of promotional products and Souvenirs, as well as unusual jewelry to do this, magnets are even covered with gold. They are available in various forms: balls, cylinders, disks and hooks. In furniture manufacturing neodymium magnets are used as latches and different types of fasteners, such structures can be detected in steel doors and haberdashery industry.
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