You will need
  • car
  • - radio
  • - manual
  • - caked
In the instructions to the unit, on the very first page, find your coupon with recorded kakoda. Rewrite it or take it with you in the car.
Turn on the radio. The display will show the word or signs will be asked to enter a known code. Depending on the model, highlight the following main designations: “code” (flashing c letter), “enter code number”, “code****”, “1 -- -- -- --“, “safe”.
The word “code” with a flashing letter c, the input is carried out in two ways. First, when you have a keypad. In this case, directly enter the digits of the code. Ie click on the buttons corresponding to the five numbers of the code. To confirm, select one of the following symbols: rds, >i, >, sc (depending on model). The second way to enter – use the right rotating knob. Turning stop on the right number. Press the knob to confirm selection. And so on for all five numbers. If the entered code is correct the radio will start automatically.
When the display shows “enter code number” enter code is on the line. Alternately press the buttons with corresponding numbers. Make sure the number on the display. To confirm use “
If there is a "code****"then enter the numbers need with the help of control key "up" and "down". Press the arrow before the appearance of the correct number. Confirm your selection with the m button. Dial the remaining digits. Remember: you have to press m after each correctly visiteuses number. To confirm all the code, press and hold m for a few seconds. Radio turns on.
Flashing on the screen “1 -- -- -- --“ typical of stereos with indirect code entry. I.e., to obtain, for example, the first digit, use the 1 button, pressing it several times. With 2 – 3 – 4 enter the remaining numbers. After receiving a correct code, press “loud expert”.
The words “safe” a few seconds is replaced by “ .. .. .. ..”. The code also introduces alternate pressing 1 – 2 – 3 – 4. To confirm, hold fm. The display will show “safe” and after 3 seconds the radio will work.