You will need
  • - radio
  • - manual
  • vin code
  • - serial number of the radio
  • - application for selection code
  • - the documents for the car
Carefully inspect the interior of the car. The sticker with the code can be adhered in any convenient (or not). The most common locations: inside the glove box, on the radio.
If the sticker in the cabin is not found, remove the radio from the slot. First, it can be written manually or pasted code. Secondly, you must do this in order to write off the serial number and vin code. With this data, you will be able to pick up the code via the Internet.
In case of detection code on the radio, type it in. To do this, turn on the system. Wait for the labels on the display, which prompts you to use the code. Enter at the Ford stereos is an indirect set. Use the 1 button until the first number of the code on the display. In the same way, using 2 – 3 – 4 enter the remaining numbers. If the code is entered correctly, confirm your choice. Radio should turn on automatically. Be careful: there are total 10 attempts, after which it will be necessary to go to the dealership.
The second option (code not found), write off the serial number of the radio (starts with letters, after which six digits), and vin code.
Install the computer program to generate the code for the radio. At the same time use the online resources on this topic. Enter the serial number and vin number in the requested the generator form. Click "start". Wait for the result.
Record received from the system code. Enter it in the radio as indicated above. If this code does not give a positive result, ask for help on a forum.
For some serial numbers, there are no code generators. In this case you need to contact the service center. If the regular radio, the serial number and vin number they will tell unblocking key code.