You will need
  • - radio
  • - keycode (if any)
  • - serial number of the radio
  • thin metal objects
  • - special program
  • - the documents for the car
If the new radio, when first turned on it may behave differently (depending on model): directly display the word CODE or you can start the countdown. The second option you must wait until the time expires. Press and hold for 3-5 seconds for a button (usually 6 or the version with two buttons: 6+1). The display should display the word CODE.
Enter keycode consisting of four digits. Usually it is issued along with the radio. Press "1" several times until the panel is displayed the desired number. To set the second digit of the code press "2". Then "3" and "4". Look carefully to all the numbers coincided with kakoda.
Press "5" to confirm, when the panel displays the correct code. After done action radio turns on and you can enjoy your favorite music! Be sure to write down keycod.
When removing the battery, the radio is automatically turned off. In this case, you must re-enter code. If he lost, pull the radio out of the slot.
On the side of the device there should be a special sticker. It contains a serial number. Usually, it starts with a letter (often M).
There are several programs for the selection of the lost code. Download any from the Internet, install on the computer, open. Enter the serial number. The program selects code. How to enter it into the radio - steps 1-3.