In large organizations there are regulations to define the procedures for career advancement and selection criteria of applicants. This greatly simplifies the task of the candidate. Just collect all the necessary information about the requirements which should be matched, and prepare arguments in favor of his appointment, the points. In most organizations, a strict order of selection does not exist, but there is always the basic criteria that must be met by the characteristics of the candidate. In any case, start with collecting as much information about it.
Now organize the data. Determine the extent of your compliance with the stated requirements. The level of education, experience, performance of your activities. Write it all down on a sheet of paper. In addition, list your personal characteristics, allowing you to qualify for this position (responsibility, perfectionism, etc.). Next, think about what you can improve in the company, having occupied this position (to introduce a new technique to increase sales, etc.). Make a note of concrete proposals and results which will be received by the company in the event of your appointment.
Next, determine the best method of treatment to guide your proposal. Use the opportunity of a personal meeting, if the boss is not removed geographically. In this case, make an appointment and bring your arguments in favor of appointing you leader in easy to transfer. It can be individual sheets on topics or a complete list of your suggestions. All this pass the chief in the end of the meeting for review.
To access the manual, remote geographically, write a letter, it will notify your arguments and proposal for appointment for the vacant position. The letter should be written in business style, well structured and contain clear wording. At the end of the letter state your offer in accordance with the rules of the business letter, the request "Please appoint me for the position of...".