You will need
  • It should read any papers on the sites of employment - there's usually a lot of similar articles. In some cases you can also ask the question a career counselor.
For a start, here are the basic mistakes that employees make in conversations with management about salary increase. So, what to do, as a rule, is not:

to begin with, "now You have increased the salary of my colleague in the office...";

- to save the offense and talk about raising to a higher pitch and generally overly emotional;

- to put the user before the choice: either you raise or you leave.
The first option is likely to be a failure, because if you and your colleague takes approximately the same position, it does not mean that you are doing approximately the same amount of work and bring the company the same profit. The second case doesn't even deserve a detailed explanation: compensation for "wrongs" employers give are not used to. In the third case, the user may choose the second option of the two - that is, simply take your care.
To request a salary increase properly, it is necessary first of all to properly justify that you deserve it. For example, you began to perform more complex tasks or more work. The guide also impressed the list of successfully completed projects. Do not think that the management knows this about you self: it is unlikely that the Manager remembers everything that was assigned to each employee.
A good chance to achieve a significant increase in salaries will be the presentation of important company initiative. How to optimize a particular process? What new training to organize for young employees? How to get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy? Quite a few workers are just good performers, they are used to solve the "fed" them the problems worked out by the algorithm, but not to see their own and do not invent new ways of solving them.
Remember about the psychological aspects of conversation with management. Not a very good way to start a conversation with your immediate superior immediately with requests for higher wages, especially to do it with other employees. It is important to take care about the external impression of higher wages rather worthy of people, producing the impression of success, activity and friendliness. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention and appearance. There is even an unwritten rule for careerists - dress as you would dress, holding the position of your head.
Even if in response to your very reasonable request of salary increase you have received a refusal or a vague "look into it", do not despair. First, if you have not received a salary increase now, it does not mean that it will not later. Second, it could so happen that the company is at this time experiencing financial difficulties. It is also possible that you still got in a hurry, a list of your services is too small. Still insist on a specific response to your request to know whether to wait for a pay raise at this place.