Determine what you can offer to your superiors. The conversation should not begin with phrases: "I don't have enough money" or "I think I'm underpaid". First you need to justify why you deserve to get paid more. Maybe you work over the schedule? Or replace the head of your Department for six months while he is on sick leave, and mastered all the intricacies of the profession? Or you have received a new education and may qualify for more skilled work? In any case, you must somehow justify its request.
Prepare a portfolio. For example, if you work in sales, prepare graphs to show the steady growth of your sales. If you work in the PR Department, collect all the newspaper clippings, television and radio stories, to show what a Titanic work for the benefit of the company you are performing. You have to prove to the authorities that work perfectly and are asking to raise the salary not on an empty place.
Think about what you can do for the bosses, getting a new position or a new salary. Maybe you will offer a new concept of development of the company or one of its departments. Or a new brand. Or a new computer program that facilitate the work of employees of the company. Or just solemnly promise to work harder, better, stronger... doesn't offer something revolutionary. The main thing is that "something" was real in the performance and allowed the company to stay ahead of the competition.
Don't complain. The bosses couldn't care less that you have ten credits, wife is about to give birth to a fifth child, a neighbor threatens a lawsuit battered car. Your problems are your problems. The fact that you have a lot of, not a reason to raise your salary.
If you are the boss in a good or even friendly terms, prepare the conversation carefully. What you drank with him on a fishing trip last fall, does not mean that you will receive a top-Manager position with a salary of 100 thousand rubles. The chief appreciates you in the first place as an employee. Besides, if he bestows upon you a new responsibility, it means he trusts you. And it's important not to let your boss.
Before talking well to study the Labour code and the contract of employment. It may be that it is not necessary to demand higher salaries. Maybe you put some payments by law, you just do not know about them. Worth mentioning in a conversation if the boss can't increase your salary (for example, if you work in a state office) or do not want.
In a conversation not tushuytes. Look the boss straight in the eye. Speak confidently, convincingly. No fuss. You didn't come here to ask, not to be humiliated, but to take his own. Remember to ensure that you got a raise, maybe. The main thing – to convince himself. And then the chief.