You will need
  • - passport of all family members (birth certificate for children);
  • - the act of inspection of housing for 5 years;
  • - certificate of residence within 10 years;
  • - the inquiry on incomes of the form 2-NDFL;
  • - marriage certificate (divorce, death, etc.);
  • documents of beneficiaries.
To obtain a grant for improvement of housing conditions, contact the district office of the Department of housing policy of the city. Imagine the documents. You must verify that you are in need of improving housing conditions, providing the act of inspection of housing members of the housing Commission. To show proof of residence on registration for 5 years.
On turn put only low-income citizens. To prove that your family is low-income, show proof of income of all family members form 2-NDFL. In the total family income includes the value of all the available property. If you are in need of improvement of housing conditions, therefore, have housing is not in compliance with the regulations of accommodation for one person in your area. Please submit a certificate about the cost of existing housing and a valuation certificate of all valuable property that is your family.
In addition to these documents, you must present the identity documents of all family members, a statement of the personal account of existing housing, marriage certificate or divorce papers about the benefits. The documents of the beneficiaries include the certificate of the participant or a veteran of the fighting, information about the presence of disability, etc.
Under the new Housing code all families who need housing or better housing conditions, have the right to obtain housing in the common queue. The same applies to the provision of grants. The exceptions are veterans and participants of great Patriotic war, persons living in the same apartment with the sick whose diseases are dangerous and people with disabilities that fall under the list of the Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation.
If your family put on a waiting list for social housing, you have the right to apply for obtaining grants to improve housing conditions. The amount of the grant in each subject of the Russian Federation is different, is reviewed annually taking into account price growth in the property market, but in any case can not cover all of the costs for the acquisition of housing, but to improve their living conditions due to the allocated grants is possible.
The queue for housing or subsidies can last for 25-30 years. All this time you are required to submit annual income certificate of all family members, proof of residency and a new certificate of inspection of housing conditions.