You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - marriage certificate (or divorce);
  • - documents all available on the property;
  • - documents proving that you belong to the category of poor citizens;
  • - documents confirming that you are in need of better housing conditions;
  • - if you belong to the category of citizens eligible for priority registration, the documents to confirm this.
To rely on social housing, according to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation from 2005, can family:
- with insufficient financial support, that is recognized by the poor;
- not having the dwelling and are not relatives of people with such;
living or owning premises not in compliance with the minimum area for living;
- living in an apartment shared with other families, which include those patient with serious chronic disease people, cohabitation with whom is impossible.
In each region the amount of monthly income for each family member, in line with the norms calculated individually. For example, in Moscow and St. Petersburg this sum is equal to 18 thousand rubles.
This amount is calculated like this: add up all household income, including official salaries, allowances for child care, pensions and other government payments. Then this amount is divided by all family members living under one roof and applying for housing, including for children of any age, and seniors. Also the value of all existing property, including a car.
The minimum size of the dwelling is calculated in each region of the Russian Federation on its own. For example, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the norm is 18 sq. m. on each family member, including children, in a separate apartment, 15 sq. m. in public.
Categories of the citizens having the priority right to registration and obtaining of premises:
- orphans and children left without parental care;
with disabilities and the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident;
- invalids of 1 group;
families left without shelter due to the action of the elements;
- the family at the birth of twins;
- single mothers;
- tenants of emergency and dilapidated houses in need of resettlement.
Collecting a full package of documents, enclosing a statement you need to submit them in the relevant competent authorities, depending on the region of residence. In Moscow this body is the district Council at the place of residence.According to the law and housing code, the period of examination and verification of documents 10 days, excluding the day of submission. 5 more days be allotted to a decision on each application. In the case of a positive decision to start an accounting matter and all data and documents are stored in a special database. If the answer is negative, then it can be appealed to the Office of Department of housing policy and housing policy in the District or in court.