Snails feed in the evening or at night, as these animals are most active at night. If you do not change the food for the snails, but only to put a new one, they can start eating feces. It's bad, so every other day remove the remnants of the life of snails, and food that was stale and spoiled.
содержать улитку
What in any case do not feed the snail? All that preparing for the human table. Salt is very dangerous for snails, it is not all sweet, fried, spicy, smoked and marinated. Only raw and fresh food.
улитка декоративная чем кормить
Fruits and berries – one of the most favorite snails types of food. Anything goes: apples and pears, strawberries, blueberries, strawberries bananas, pineapples, peaches and nectarines, apricots, melons, watermelons, grapes and other fruits and berries.
пол улитки
Fresh vegetables – food that snails often feed on in the wild. They are especially fond of cucumbers due to the large amount of liquid in them, as well as tomatoes, all kinds of cabbage, corn, pumpkins and squashes, carrots, all kinds of legumes: beans, peas, beans.
как держать сухопутную улитку
Snails to maintain the desired shape of the shell requires calcium. To provide them a pet, let him ground egg shell, chalk, coquina. Very good snails fit bars calcium reassigned for parrots. One bar of the cochlea is enough for about three months.
рыбы считаются гермафродитами
Any snail at all times of the day will be happy greenery on the table. Salads and parsley, dill, celery, and spinach, and grape leaves of dandelion and plantain – all of these are favorite treats for snails.
When to feed a snail and how much food to give her? This question has no definite answer. Snails, which feed a lot and often, grow quickly. They will continue to increase in size, while the aquarium will be too small, then the snail stops eating a lot. If you buy a pet a new aquarium, the snail can grow even more, it depends on the breed. Some snails up to several pounds of weight.