You will need
  • aquarium;
  • on the land;
  • -sawdust;
  • -containers for food and water;
  • stones;
  • -tree branch;
  • -the spray gun;
  • water;
  • products containing calcium.
Get an aquarium with a tight-fitting lid. Make a few small holes for fresh air. Each individual must be at least 30 square centimeters of space. Purchase land and sawdust to cover the bottom of the aquarium. Check the ground for the presence of debris, and various insects.
улитка умерла и у нее начала выделяться какая-то жидкость. что это?
In the aquarium, put 2 containers - one for water, another for food. Check that their edges are not sharp. Make hiding places for snails. They can be purchased in pet stores, or make your own. Use solid materials such as stone or thick plastic. If you decided to decorate the aquarium, do not use colors, paper, clay. Inside you can put natural stone or thick branch of a tree.
улитка декоративная чем кормить
Be sure to bathe your snails a few times a week. For this you can use any running water. Get a spray bottle 2-3 times a day carefully obrushivaet the entire aquarium. Enter in the diet of snails calcium. It may be the shells of the clams (you can buy at the pet store), egg shells, chalk.
содержать улитку
Daily feed snails. Don't give them food from his table. In their diet should not be exposed to salt, it can kill your Pets. Feed them fruits, vegetables, herbs. A favorite delicacy of snails – rotten raw meat or fish. Take a small piece and leave it for 2-3 days in a warm place. Then give it to the snails. With caution let's cucumber and banana. These products are very popular with the snails. There have been cases when the snail was used to them and refuse other foods.
Every 3-4 days change the water in the aquarium snails. Monthly also spend a shift of the earth and sawdust. Let the snails to crawl out of the aquarium. Don't put them back where they could fall. It threatens to damage the shell. If you found it chipped, paper over them with epoxy glue. Increase the amount of calcium in the diet snails. If in the coming days, shell is not restored, the individual may die.
Each snail is a hermaphrodite, that is, the offspring bring all individuals. When a clutch of eggs, cover it with something solid to avoid damage. When you see the little snail for a few weeks then move them to another aquarium.
If I saw the snail parasites or any education, resettled this individual. In the near future take her to the vet, you may need treatment.