You will need
  • aquarium;
  • - the crushed limestone, sea shells;
  • - feed fish, green leaves (spinach, lettuce);
  • - crushed fish food, riccia, duckweed, lettuce, scalded Cyclops.
Pick up an aquarium the right size: ten gallons of water will be enough for one individual. Cover the aquarium lid, so the snails have not spread and was killed on land. Leave above the water level is at least 10 cm air space, so the snails can breathe air. Remember that they are amphibious and can perish, remaining all the time in the water.
Set the temperature of the water in the tank in the range of 17-30ºS. It is very important that the water was not too soft (dH not lower than 8), otherwise the snails is not enough calcium and the shells are destroyed. Add to the aquarium crushed limestone or crushed shell to increase water hardness.
Take timely aeration, filtration and water change, that is all that is usually made for aquarium fish. Special lighting snails is not required. Neighbors Apple snails can be guppies, angelfish, catfish, gourami, other fishes except those that feed on mollusks.
Feed snails food for fish, spinach, salad lettuce. Organic remains of the eggs and waste of the neighbors fish they will produce themselves. For young individuals grind fish food, add duckweed, lettuce, scalded Cyclopes Riccio.
Keep under control the population of Apple snails: in favorable conditions, snails can lay eggs every day and turn the aquarium into a solid living mass. Apply the methods of regulating population. Decrease portions of food (if in the aquarium live fish, make sure that after feeding was not much of a surplus that falls to the snails), get a predatory fish, for example, botsiy that eat snails. You can also put in the aquarium lettuce, pre-rinsing it with boiling water for disinfection and pressed a stone to the bottom, and then, after some time to pull together ridden snails.