You will need
  • - tweezers;
  • - Motyl;
  • - aphids;
  • - fry guppies and small fish;
  • - the larvae of crickets;
  • - shrimp;
  • - the larvae of the may beetle;
  • Etc.
The diet of Triton is very varied. The basic food are earthworms, bloodworms, feed cockroaches, larvae cricket, boiled shrimp. Be sure to rinse all the food for newts before feeding.
как кормить рыбок мотылем
When feeding in water do not throw food on the bottom. Newts are not always able to find food, which then decomposes and spoils the water. Take a piece of worm or bloodworm with tweezers and dip it into the aquarium. You can gently shake the food, simulating the movement of live prey. The tritons are very easy to learn to eat out of hand.
как кормить рыбку петушка
Young mermen who had just completed metamorphosis, need to be fed small insects. In the summer try to feed the animals aphids. Newts are happy to eat whole colonies of these insects. Cut the branches of the plants covered in aphids, and lay on the bottom of the terrarium. Change them after two or three days. Be careful with aphids in the cage do not hit the ants, they disturb the newts.
как обустроить аквариум для обычного тритона
In addition to the aphids you can offer Tritonm the larvae of the cricket. Buy crickets, ready to breed, in a pet shop or market. Placed them in a separate tank. On the bottom it is recommended to put pieces of paper or cardboard. Very good use of cardboard packaging from eggs.
как определить пол тритона дома
Put in aquarium with crickets tray with moist soil, thickness of soil shall be not less than 5 cm Periodically loosen the ground and make sure it does not dry up. Feed adult crickets, pieces of vegetables, with cabbage leaves. Temperature for breeding 25 degrees.
обыкновенный тритон как определить пол
The larvae of crickets come out of the ground two weeks after laying. They should be feed the young newts. When you adapt to the mode of hatching of the nymphs, you will be able 1-2 days before the release of juvenile crickets just put the tray with soil in the terrarium to Tritonm. This will save you from the tedious catching small insects.
Newts during the aquatic period of life you can feed small aquarium fish, like neons or guppies. You can run the fish into the water to TritonM.
Adult newts in the terrestrial period, also can be fed with tweezers, finely chopped shrimp, larvae of the may beetle, large bloodworms, earthworms. Should teach newt to find food on their own. Put it on the bottom of the terrarium and watch as the amphibious'll find food. Necessarily remove food debris.
If you use for feeding on land of the living bloodworms, put it in a bowl with low edges so the worms didn't spread, but Triton was able to eat. Bloodworms you can use ice cream, it is important not to focus only on this kind of food. Diversify the menu newt other insects.
Young newts feed on a daily basis. Adults over the age of two, three or four times a week. To feed for as long as the animal itself does not refuse to eat. The tritons, like some frogs, no problems with overfeeding.