In terms of domestic breeding for them enough to purchase a spacious and roomy aquarium with a capacity of 300-500 litres. In such a home environment astronotus willing to absorb earthworms (preferably soak them in clean water for four hours), large bloodworms, bits of fish meat, larvae of dragonflies, tadpoles, grasshoppers, skoblina meat, pieces of prawns and mussels (you can scroll in a meat grinder), chopped or whole clams, chopped beef, liver, small sea fish( usually they swallow it whole), etc.
Как размножаются астронотусы
It is better not to use for feeding artificial feed, he will only pollute the aquarium water, and full saturation for your Pets will not. If another feeding option is still there, choose a special granulated feed for astronotus. In any case, in the diet of your Pets should prevail animal protein.
как хранить трубочника
Easier to prepare for the future by a pair of three kilograms of the mixture of different feeds, which you can grind in a blender and pack in a plastic bag. Continue straight in the package to roll on the table and freeze the cake in the freezer.
мальки меченосцев прозрачные
Apathetic and very slow astronotus in General, behave quite calm, but it is necessary to fill them with food – rush to the food when fully alert. Early experience with these fish they are very shy, some time away from the stress when moving from one tank to another, but gradually being developed and at the sight of the owner often swim to the front glass and take food from his hands.
Adult fish enough to feed once a day, the younger generation need to feed twice a day. Just born fry start to feed Daphnia, Cyclops, Artemia, moving to a larger feed as they grow up – start the transition from cut Tubifex and small bloodworms. Not to pick up infection of the intestine, the feeding of Tubifex is better to abstain to achieve astronotus the age of four months.
The amount of food should be such that five to seven minutes the fish ate everything. And don't forget to make adults of astronotusm once a week fasting day.