Under natural conditions, snails eat mostly algae and bacterial fouling, which are formed in water. In the aquarium, these fouling have different grayish film on the glass, the leaves and the surface of the water. From the bottom of glass and plants, Apple snails are scraped algae. Sometimes they gnaw and tender young plants, but this occurs only if the snails do not have enough food.
Most aquarium snails prefer to eat dead or dying plants so that the aquarium is always maintained stable water quality. Healthy plants can produce cyanides and other harmful substances that are not acceptable for many types of snails.
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Apple snails are eating almost anything they can tear and eat: cucumbers, spinach, carrots, fish food, dead fishes and their eggs. Since they can only eat very soft food should be fed cooked vegetables or canned spinach. Do not refuse snails and skoblenko meat and scalded lettuce. You can give them, and soaked white bread, gently tossing it into small pieces into the water. Be careful from the remnants of such food does not foul the water.
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Upper half of feet snails do a small funnel and tighten in her food along with a film floating on the surface of the water. After the funnel is filled nearly to the brim, clam very quickly consumes its contents. He then picks up the next batch of food.
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Snails need calcium for building their house, so the pH of the water should not be below 7, and it is better to make it higher, as it is very important. If the water is too soft (low in calcium), then it is necessary to add finely crushed marble, limestone, sea shells, or one of the drugs that are sold in pet stores to increase the hardness of the water.
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