Ampulyarii – quite large aquarium snails. Their shell has the form of a spiral cone bright Golden-yellow or yellow-brown color. They breathe oxygen and so from time to time float to the surface. Snails feed on all kinds of residues and fouling, but if necessary they can be fed lettuce or cabbage, scalded with boiling water.
что делать если у маленькой улитки сломался панцирь
Ampulyarii – heterosexual, oviparous molluscs. However, to distinguish males and females almost impossible.
аквариумные улитки кролик
Breeding snails is quite suitable aquarium volume up to 30 liters. Fill it to the top edge remains at least 10-15 cm. cover the aquarium with a cover glass.
есть ли у меня предрасположенность к сверхспособностям
Offspring ampulyarii develops in the air. The female selects a place with the necessary temperature and humidity. So one day you may find laying on the wall of the tank, on the lid or on the cover glass.
кормление аквариумных улиток
If the female has not found a suitable place, and the aquarium was not closed at the top, it is quite possible that you will find her on the floor. If the snail got out of the tank, put it in a separate container, for example in a glass jar. Close the jar lid. The female will lay eggs in the Bank.
Masonry ampulyarii pinkish-yellow, shaped like a berry mulberry, is 4-7 cm long and 1-2 cm wide. Don't touch her if she normally held. If the clutch is dropped, place it in a plastic lid. Place the lid on the surface of the water in the aquarium.
Offspring ampulyarii will appear in 1.5 – 3 weeks. Despite its extremely small size (about 1/4 of a match head), "olidata" I already have armor and characteristic color.
It is best to transplant the babies to a small (about 10 liters) aquarium. Fill it with water not more than 5 cm (the kids breathe air and must surface periodically).
In the first month of life feed the brood boiled egg. Be sure to remove any food residue. To two months a small ampulyarii already able to eat finely chopped and scalded with boiling water lettuce and cabbage.
Ampulyarii grow quickly. Reached 2-3 mm snails are already able to feed on aquatic fouling.