Advice 1: How to feed aquarium snail

Among the fans of home aquariums are popular freshwater Apple snails are. They not only decorate the living area with its exotic appearance, and clean the walls of an artificial pond of excess algae. Feeding aquarium snails typically do not cause major difficulties, however, it must be subject to special rules.
How to feed aquarium snail
You will need
  • - algae;
  • - vegetables (lettuce, spinach, carrots, cabbage);
  • - fish food;
  • - for young plants: duckweed, lettuce, riccia, Cyclops.
In the nature aquarium snails feed mainly on plant food, so the basis of the diet your pet should become algae with hard, large leaves. Keep in an artificial pond with a gentle ampullaria expensive plants does not make sense – clams fast they will break and destroy. Feed the snails can turn the whole bottom ground and dig up a small weed with roots.
If you placed Apple snails in the aquarium bulk overgrown with algae, you will have to feed shellfish. They will clean the pond of excess plants. To keep biological balance in the aquarium after cleaning it from excess vegetation plant canadian canadian. The emerald network of the leaves of the algae will long to please the eye – for snails it inedible.
To preserve part of edible vegetation, you can feed the Apple snails vegetables: spinach, salad lettuce, cucumber, carrot, cabbage. Products with hard fiber it is recommended to pre-scalded with boiling water or boil.
Aquarium snails – not vegetarians, they are actually omnivorous. Clams will be happy to eat food of animal origin, to get the residues from fish. They are true nurses of the aquarium, which digest all the rotting organic matter. Apple snails are especially respect bloodworms (Malinka), meat and eggs. However, to compete with more nimble inhabitants of an artificial pond, they can not, so never let them eat.
In the digestive system of snails there are many microorganisms that help them digest very large amounts of food. However, if you overfeed ampullary, the water will quickly become muddy from the waste of their life even with a good filter. For each pet individually pick the diet - the amount of food should not exceed the needs of the body. Proven fact: to clean the aquarium only those "nurses" that you're always a little underfed.
In the diet of young need to enter pureed fish food, duckweed, lettuce, and riccia Cyclops, scalded in boiling water.
Useful advice
If you decide to breed aquarium snails, keep them in one place in not less than 3-4 instance. Apple snails are heterosexual, and mistakes in their sex very easily.

Advice 2 : How to care for aquarium snail

Snails-Apple snails are introduced to Europe from tropical countries where they live in swamps and ponds. In nature, these creatures feed primarily on plant food in the aquarium – prefer food of animal origin. Therefore, aquariums, Apple snails are welcome guests, and how to perform a hygienic function, purifying the water from wastes of fish.
How to care for aquarium snail
You will need
  • aquarium;
  • - the crushed limestone, sea shells;
  • - feed fish, green leaves (spinach, lettuce);
  • - crushed fish food, riccia, duckweed, lettuce, scalded Cyclops.
Pick up an aquarium the right size: ten gallons of water will be enough for one individual. Cover the aquarium lid, so the snails have not spread and was killed on land. Leave above the water level is at least 10 cm air space, so the snails can breathe air. Remember that they are amphibious and can perish, remaining all the time in the water.
Set the temperature of the water in the tank in the range of 17-30ºS. It is very important that the water was not too soft (dH not lower than 8), otherwise the snails is not enough calcium and the shells are destroyed. Add to the aquarium crushed limestone or crushed shell to increase water hardness.
Take timely aeration, filtration and water change, that is all that is usually made for aquarium fish. Special lighting snails is not required. Neighbors Apple snails can be guppies, angelfish, catfish, gourami, other fishes except those that feed on mollusks.
Feed snails food for fish, spinach, salad lettuce. Organic remains of the eggs and waste of the neighbors fish they will produce themselves. For young individuals grind fish food, add duckweed, lettuce, scalded Cyclopes Riccio.
Keep under control the population of Apple snails: in favorable conditions, snails can lay eggs every day and turn the aquarium into a solid living mass. Apply the methods of regulating population. Decrease portions of food (if in the aquarium live fish, make sure that after feeding was not much of a surplus that falls to the snails), get a predatory fish, for example, botsiy that eat snails. You can also put in the aquarium lettuce, pre-rinsing it with boiling water for disinfection and pressed a stone to the bottom, and then, after some time to pull together ridden snails.

Advice 3 : Why the need for snails in the aquarium

Decorative snails are fairly common inhabitants of the aquarium. They well decorate it and help you to relax after a hard day: their elegant slowness fascinates many. In addition to aesthetics and beauty, these molluscs are more and practical function.
Why the need for snails in the aquarium
Snails can bring harm and benefit to the aquarium ecosystem. It all depends on their variety and quantity. Very popular among aquarists are the following species of mollusks as ampulyarii, horn coil, agrolux, Melania. If you in a proper way take care of an aquarium and control the number of snails, they will bring a lot of benefits. Clams are a wonderful aquarium sanitation. They not only eat up food that did not eat fish, but also their excrement. Thus, these aquarium inhabitants contribute to water purification. Uneaten food are favorable environment for growth of pathogenic bacteria, which can in a matter of hours to make clear water muddy. In addition, the shellfish eat dead parts of plants and well scraped his rough tongue bacterial plaque from the walls. This affects the installation of the favorable climate and biological balance in the aquarium. Certain types of shellfish, for example, ampulyarii, serve as the indicator of condition of aquarium water. By their behavior you can determine if there is enough oxygen in the water. When it is insufficient, and at sharp change of pH water ampulyarii up the glass to the surface of the water and pulls his pipe siphon – body, which allows it to breathe air. In this way snail "signals" inexperienced aquarist, it's time to do a water change or buy a good aerator. One of the downsides decorative snails is their active reproduction. A large number of mollusks in the aquarium can lead to overcrowding and, as a consequence, the lack of oxygen at the other inhabitants. In addition, a large population of snails are able to eat off the plants. Optimum can be considered the ratio of one snail per 10 litres of water. Therefore, timely scrape their eggs off the glass, they lay consistently, to prevent the overcrowding of the aquarium.Will inhabit your aquarium snails, or not – to solve only to you. But remember that you can not place shellfish from water bodies, because with them can get infected. In addition, some pond snails secrete mucus into the water, which it contaminates. Get the clams for your aquarium only in pet stores.
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