You will need
    • Milk
    • Coffee machine
    • Device for whipping milk
    • Blender
    • Mixer
    • Whisk
    • French press
    • Milk jug (milk jug)
If you are a happy owner of the machine who know how to make cappuccino coffee, steam the milk for you is not difficult. Take a metal jug for milk foam, pour the milk and immerse in it a steam crane. At this time, the steam supply should not be included! Submerging the crane, you can enable it. Then start slowly and smoothly, but not too much, lower the jug or raise the spout of the faucet. Milk foam is formed on the border of milk and air, precisely because it requires three things: air flow, hot steam the milk itself.
It does not immediately get to make a good milk foam with coffee maker and jug. This calls for habits and skill development. – thick and stable milk foam sooner or later will have to happen. Some believe that much depends on the correct shape of the milk pitcher or jug. Buy it especially for coffee, he has a solid form.
If the machine at home, you can steam the milk available tools: mixer, blender, coffee plunger, whisk and other similar devices. Whisk cold milk with them will fail, so you need to heat it. Hot, but not too much, milk is easy enough whipped. Very comfortable warm drink in the microwave. Pogreb milk, whisk it until you get a good foam. If you do this with a mixer, try different nozzles to find the one that best does the job. Select a mode mixer in which the movements are of low amplitude and high speed.
There are special device for whipping milk, this small dairy mixers. They have special nozzles to quickly cope with this task, but the milk before whisking still better slightly warm.