Coffee, brewed with milk, sometimes called "coffee in Warsaw". On the territory of the former USSR it is also sometimes called "Viennese coffee", although that's not entirely true – Viennese coffee is still brewed on water, and milk are added to the already prepared drink.

Coffee with milk in Turku can be prepared by different techniques. To prepare one serving of the drink you will need:

- Turk with a wide throat;

- 150-200 ml of milk;

- teaspoon of fine-ground coffee;

- ordinary or cane sugar to taste;

- cinnamon and cardamom at the tip of a knife (if desired).

The recipe is a classic coffee with milk

To brew coffee with milk is better to use a Turku, with a wide mouth, and its volume must be greater than the volume of the Cup and a half to two times, and coffee and milk I love to escape when cooking, and foam will rise rapidly and very high.

In Turku, pour milk, add optional spices and a little sugar. Milk in itself will give the finished drink a little sweet taste, and it is necessary to consider reducing your regular dose of sugar by about half.

A little warm milk and pour in Turku ground coffee. To mix the drink at this stage is not necessary, otherwise the particles of coffee sink to the bottom and Turks drink the end result is less rich and not as flavorful.

On slow fire bring coffee to the "cap", remove it from heat and stir the drink. Let it "rest" a minute and a half, and then put on a very slow fire, and again wait for the "Crema". Coffee with milk is ready.

Coffee with milk "quickly"

This drink loses a bit of classic taste – after all, the slower the extraction, the more saturated it turns out of the coffee. But not required a long time to follow Turka and the risk of "miss" coffee, boil it much less.

In Turku, pour milk, bring it to a boil and remove from heat. Add the sugar and spices, stir in coffee and mix everything well. Put Turku on a slow fire and bring a drink to "cap", let stand a few minutes, then a few times, tap the bottom of the Turks on the edge of a plate or a cutting Board to coffee grounds settled to the bottom. You can pour it into cups!

Caramel coffee with milk

Stir in dry Turku spoon of sugar, spread it on the bottom and put it on a slow fire. Wait until the sugar begins to melt and become Golden, then remove from heat.

Quickly and carefully pour the hot caramel Turku with some milk, wait a few minutes, the sugar started to dissolve. Add coffee and spices, add the remaining milk and place on low heat. Wait until the foam, then remove the beverage from heat.