Features and history of frappe

The main components are the frappe coffee, milk, ice cream and fruit syrups.

For making frappe special use shaker, mixer or blender. To give this drink made 2 ways: in a glass filled with crushed ice, pour the drink and accompanied by a straw or in a glass without ice with a short straw. Fruity cocktails adorned with berries, fruit or whipped cream. Drink, you can add alcoholic beverages for example liquor.

Frappe was invented by the resourceful Greek, which at one of the fairs could not find hot water. Therefore, the Greek for a long time stirred the coffee with cold water until until the formed high foam.

Traditional frappe

- 1 tsp instant coffee;
- 100 ml of milk;
- 1 tsp of sugar;
- 100 ml of water;
- 200 g of edible ice.

In a small bowl combine instant coffee and sugar, mix well and then add boiled water which can be warm and cold. Using a mixer whisk the mixture until then, until you see foam. Coffee blend colour should be beige.

In a tall glass pour coffee mixture, then a thin stream pour in the cold milk so not to damage the foam. Then in a glass put ice.

Frappe with ice cream

For the preparation you will need:
- 30 ml espresso;
- 50 g of ice cream;
- ¼ Tsp of cocoa powder;
- cinnamon (to taste);
- ice cream — 5 PCs.

In a blender, mix espresso, cocoa and ice cream, whisk until smooth. Next, you need to add ice cream and blend again until a thick foam.

Pour the mixture into a tall glass and add a little cinnamon. Serve the frappe with ice cream can with a straw.


Lovers of strong and original drinks will appreciate the mixture of frappe and espresso. You will need:
- 100 ml espresso;
- 100 ml of milk;
- 1 tsp of sugar;
- 200 g of edible ice.

All the ingredients of this drink pour into a blender and process thoroughly until fine crumbs. In a tall glass pour the drink and serve with straw. Also, if you wish, you can decorate frappuccino with whipped cream, caramel or chocolate syrup.

Fruit frappe

To make 1 serving of this drink you will need:
- 80 g of ice cream;
To 20 ml of strawberry syrup;
- 10 ml lemon syrup;
- 30 ml of milk;
20 ml of mineral water.

Ice cream, milk, lemon and strawberry syrups, whisk with a blender, then add cold mineral water, stir gently with a spoon so as not to damage the thick foam. Serve this drink in a tall glass with a straw.

Frappe liqueur "Baileys"

- 1 tbsp instant coffee;
- 80 ml of milk;
- 80 ml of liquor "Baileys";
200 g edible ice;
chocolate sauce to taste.

Coffee, milk, liqueur "Baileys" ice cream and beat well in a blender. The resulting drink pour into high glasses, top can be decorated with chocolate sauce. Serve with a straw. To prepare frappe with any other liquors. Bon appetit!