You will need
    • Egg whites;
    • sugar;
    • salt;
    • mixer.
Before whisking the eggs in the foam, separate the yolks from the whites. Do this very carefully, as the presence of proteins, even of small particles of yolk can inhibit the beating.
Eggs take fresh: if they had been in the refrigerator for a month, the foam may not rise.
Before you start whipping, the whites should be warmed to room temperature, because cold foam is formed more slowly.
Take a clean dry dishes, put in her protein. If the walls of the cookware will remain the moisture or traces of fat, then whipped protein with sugar will not work.
Beat eggs with a mixer with a nozzle made of thin wire. In the absence of a mixer, beat the whites with a whisk, but this activity is more time consuming. Facilitates the process of beating a small pinch of salt, added to proteins in the beginning.
To start the process you need from low speed, gradually increasing the intensity of rotation. If you start mixing with a high speed immediately, the proteins can remain liquid. Initially, mix proteins with no sugar and only when they begin to rise, gradually add the sugar.
Whipped eggs are best obtained with powdered sugar and not sugar, as the latter may sink to the bottom, and poorly dissolve.
Add the sugar as dissolved in the protein of the preceding batch.
An indication of the willingness of the proteins is their degree of density. If the process is successful, the foam has a dense texture and proteins of dishes you can get only with a spoon. They themselves from bowls for whipping not fall out even if to flip its contents down.