Classic latte prepared with the machine

For making homemade lattes will need enough fat milk and freshly brewed espresso. The approximate proportion is 1 to 1, that is, coffee and milk are taken in equal parts. But if you like a smoother taste, you can slightly modify the recipe by increasing the amount of milk.

You will need:
- 3 tablespoons of ground coffee;
- 100 ml of water;
- 100 ml of milk;
- chocolate syrup;
- cinnamon powder.

First prepare the espresso in the coffee machine . Then heat the milk without bringing to a boil, and whisk it to a froth - it can be done with hot steam from the coffee machine. In a heated Cup pour the milk, and then add the coffee, pouring it on the wall, to a cap of milk foam remains at the top.

The finished drink can be decorated. Experienced Barista drawing milk foam patterns hot coffee. But if this method sounds too complicated to do otherwise. Put chocolate syrup on the surface of the drink a few large drops on the diagonal. With a toothpick pull out the drops, turning them into a chain of hearts. You can draw flowers, stars and other shapes or just sprinkle the milk foam ground cinnamon.
Italians believe coffee latte is the perfect drink for Breakfast. Real foodies are not added to the drink sugar properly prepared latte it has a very delicate sweet flavor due to the large amount of milk.

Latte macchiato, brewed without coffee

Latte macchiato is a layered drink with an increased amount of milk. One-third of the coffee take two-thirds of milk, half of which will be turned into foam. An important condition for making a proper drink is a good whisking the milk. The foam should be lush and dense.

You will need:
- 4 tablespoons of natural ground coffee;
- 300 ml of milk;
- 150 ml of water;
- 2 tablespoons of walnut syrup;
- grated dark chocolate for decoration.
Instead of walnut syrup, you can use chocolate or blackcurrant. Do not pour in latte macchiato syrup citrus - milk can coagulate.

If you have no equipment for making espresso, you can make a drink in the Turk. Put ground coffee in Turku, fill it with cold water and place on the stove. When the drink rises froth, remove it from the stove and strain - finished in latte should not fall grains.

Heat the milk and divide it into two parts. One whisk with a blender or a special beater milk foam. Warm glass of mulled wine glass pour in the syrup, then add hot milk. Gently pour in a glass of coffee, and then put the milk foam. Latte macchiato on top you can sprinkle grated chocolate. Serve drink with a straw.