You will need
    • proteins;
    • water for pasteurization;
    • ceramic or glass dish;
    • halo;
    • mixer;
    • sugar.
To prepare the dessert is better to take only fresh eggs from proven manufacturers. There are several ways of separating the whites from the yolk. You can skip the protein through a special nozzle (sold in hardware stores), or use a paper funnel. Just as easy to extract the protein, pierced the egg with two sides of a thick sharp needle.
If you want to protect yourself from salmonellosis, it is possible to carry pasteurized egg whites. Mix proteins with water at the rate of two tablespoons of water for one protein. Heat the mixture on low heat, do not forget to constantly stir. Removal of microbes it is necessary to heat the whites to a temperature of 60 degrees and hold them on fire for about 3 minutes. The temperature regime can be tracked using a pastry thermometer. In fact, if the mixture starts to bubble, remove the pan from heat and quickly stir contents. Then you can continue heating.
After pasteurization, proteins must be cooled down to room temperature. If you beat them more cold, the foam will turn faster but will be less lush and sustainable. Place the whites in a tall glass or ceramic dish. In any case, do not use for whipping protein foam aluminum cookware, otherwise the mixture will become gray. The dish must be perfectly clean and dry, if moisture and fat gets into the whites, they will not be able to become truly air.
Beat the whites you can manually, using a regular whisk. But will have to spend a lot of time and effort. Therefore, for the preparation of a protein foam is better to use a mixer. The perfect beater of this product is the frame. Start on low speed, gradually increasing it. If you whip the whites at once, they will become liquid and will not be able to rise. Watch carefully so the mixture were involved in the process of beating and rotated evenly.
When you need to enter in the foam with sugar, add it gradually (about half teaspoon) to the already well-formed mass. If you pour all the sugar at once, it immediately dissolved and the proteins will lose their shape. As you add sugar the process of churning does not stop.
Well-beaten whites increase in volume by about five times. After putting some of this foam on the product or the tray, it perfectly retains its shape and does not spread.