The word "latte" in Italian language means "milk". This delicious hot drink you can prepare yourself at home. For this you will need the following required ingredients: milk and coffee.

Carefully heat the milk to such an extent that it was warm but not hot. To prevent the foam.

The next step is brewing coffee. Soluble powder best replace svejesmolotym beans. To brew coffee in Turku or the coffee machine. Then the flavor will be more refined and intense.

Whisk warm milk before formation of a light foam. You can do it one of two ways. You can use a mixer or whisk. For this purpose, suitable blender. Less well-known way to steam the milk is to use a thermos. To make foam, pour milk into the thermos, close the lid tight and shake it for 10-15 minutes.
The foam will be more tasty if to prepare the drink not to use skim milk, and whole.

In prepared coffee carefully add the whipped milk to produce the foam layer. To do this, pour the coffee into a Cup, and a thin stream pour the milk, sending it into the center of the tank. This will allow you to get beautiful stains on the surface of the drink.

Add fillings to your taste and enjoy a fine drink in the comfort of their home.

Served as a latte

Coffee latte is usually served in special Irish glasses. They are a Cup of large enough volume. At home you can use a tall glass with a straw.

The birthplace of this cocktail, the sugar in the recipe do not use. However, in Russia it is customary to serve a latte with sugar. So lovers of sugary drinks need a spoon to add the coffee a little sugar.

To decorate the drink, you can use a cut paper stencil. It is possible to transfer to foam coffee any simple image: a heart, sun, letters or words. Simply hold the stencil over the Cup and pour through it cocoa or grated chocolate.
In order to perform an unusual pattern or create a pattern on milk foam, use cinnamon, chocolate or nut crumbs and whipped cream.

This drink will warm you cold winter evenings, to complement a romantic evening or just to relax after a long day of work.

Now you know what latte can easily prepare at home. Different supplements will help you change the taste and aroma of the cocktail.