The winning ticket – it is a common belief, based on numerological game with the figures noted on the ticket. Happy pass must be obtained randomly. It is desirable that the ticket number was six, but some methods can be used on the rooms with an odd number of digits.
There are several ways to identify the winning ticket. The Moscow version is that the sum of the first three digits in the six-digit pass number should be equal to the sum of the last three. This interpretation is the most common.
Less popular, but still an existing need. According to him, happy is the one ticket, the sum of the even digits in the number is equal to the sum of the odd.
Another way to identify the winning ticket – the calculation of the sum of each pair of numbers. If they are equal, then the travel pass will bring you good luck.
Of great importance in determining the winning ticket plays and symmetry. Sure are lucky the owner of the card, the number of which the first three digits coinciding with the last three.
If the last three digits in the mirror sequence, repeat the first three, this card is also lucky.
Try to add, subtract, multiply, and divide among themselves the digits of the ticket. If the mathematical operations have you still got a zero, it means that you are the owner of the winning ticket. Moreover, the fewer steps you have to take for that, the higher ticket "index of happiness".
It is not enough just to find the ticket with the right combination of numbers in order to become happy. According to legend, the certificate needs to be stored and to carry everywhere with you in your purse or pocket bags. If you do not want to collect useless things, there is another option. Happy pass you need to eat. And then you're lucky.