Of course, it is possible that you are very lucky and instructor in machine certificate the whole group. And if not? When a catastrophic lack of time and lack of genius will help rational thinking and resourcefulness.

How to prepare for the competition, if knowledge and time is short, and you need to learn a lot

Do not try to spend the rest of his coffee and blessed the sleep time to study the voluminous textbook: by morning, you will leave those sketchy knowledge that existed. All you need is to make bookmarks with ticket numbers. You can then walk in the fresh air, but not for too long before competition should be a good night's sleep.

To pass tests, not learn the tickets, very simple

Arriving at the competition, miss classmates forward. Those lucky enough to pass a test, as well as those who are not fortunate enough to pass it, be interested in not only the mood of the teacher, but a ticket number. Mark bookmarks with elongated rooms and tickets. As a rule, examination papers not too much – 1-2 per student.

Usually in the office along with the teacher no more than five people. When in the hallway you will be five of them, divide the remaining tickets among themselves and quickly write a crib to each of them. Twenty minutes of this is enough.

Successfully pass a test of all five will help mutual

When the first of the remaining five people enters the room, it should not tightly close the door behind him. Pulling the ticket, the student says his number out loud, loudly and clearly, so behind the door was clearly audible. If the answers to the questions in the ticket he prepared himself, do not need help. In this case, it is possible to successfully pass a test on their own. If a cheat sheet to the elongated ticket wrote any of his classmates, he comes into the office and transfers the following is written to those who went before him. Needless to say, your ticket number he also calls loud and clear. After answering the first five leaves in a corridor and gives the remaining unused crib. And so on until the last student. Simple and effective. Try it!