You will need
  • The answers to the questions.
Distribute an equal number of tickets for all the days reserved for exam preparation. Half of the last day do not count – it is time to repeat the read information.
Alternate easy with difficult issues. This will give any rest the brain and allow you to teach the same number of tickets every day.
Start learning in the morning. At this time the information is remembered better and faster, because you rest, and your thoughts are not clouded long exhausting day.
Not zadubrovie answers. The preparation thus will take too much time and effort, you don't have. And on any issue remotely learned information, you are unlikely to be able to answer the exam. Just try to carefully read the information, and to memorize their meaning. So you can more easily draw their own conclusions and to carry out the necessary Parallels. But teachers like to ask such tricky questions that most fully reveals the fullness of your knowledge.
Take breaks during training. Let your mind rest. You can, for example, to take a short walk in the fresh air, chat on the phone or do some physical exercise. Much periodonitis, you can sleep a few hours.
Repeat the question. At the end of each day go back over the information learned during the day. Try memory briefly answer each question.
Don't waste time on Cribs. Hardly allotted for the preparation of time enough to memorize the answers, and writing prompts. And if the knowledge will be useful in the exam, the ability to use Cribs is a big question. In a pinch I can make one, which write only the most complicated formulas or dates.
Say the answers, especially in the Humanities. This will not only better remember the information, but will deliver your speech.