You will need
  • prunes
Pull exam ticket the left hand. When you stand in front of the Desk of the teacher and to choose the ticket, try not to forget that to pull the piece of paper should be exactly the left hand. The origins of the superstitions go way back. It is believed that the left hand does what the heart tells, because it is on the left. But the heart always knows better what to do than the rational brain, especially before an important exam.
When you pull out the ticket, say the rhyme: "Glass-lemon – this is it." If you don't know this counting, pronounce any other that came to mind. Counting should be a shootout, the remaining ticket is "happy." However, this method is hardly suitable if you have 60 sheets of paper with numbered questions. In this case, you will be an unacceptably long time to choose the right ticket, and you will agree that this can cause some confusion on the part of the teacher and the examination Committee.
Good luck stick to your hands. In order to glue something, including your luck, you need at least to be a sticky myself. One of the student traditions reads as follows: the prunes – the best adhesive. Leaving home, taking with him the prunes, and before the exam RUB their hands. When you choose a ticket, my luck will stick to your hands, and you will feel what the ticket is better to take.
Choose the ticket account. Almost all people have their favorite number. It will bring you good luck for the exam. Count tickets and select the one that matches the lucky number. If the figure you are unsure or she is over a hundred, do not worry. Among students there is a common lucky number, e.g. 3,5,9 and 13. Some teachers put the "excellent" student, drawing 13 a ticketwithout asking him.