That training was more effective in preparing for the exam, it is impossible to throw books or notes on the table open to past and learned the material does not "disappear" out of my head.
In the period of exam preparation, especially in the last days before they need to sleep with a notebook or textbook under the pillow. It is believed that in this way knowledge of for the night will go directly to the head. On exam day, immediately before the surrender, on the notes and you can still sit outside – that is to say, to err from the other side.
The night before the exam it is necessary to open the window or window and shake his notebook with notes, saying, "Caught, freebies, big and small." This should improve the chances of drawing the "right" ticket and ensure the favor of the examiner.
In order to "draw five", I should get an old copper penny (nickels Soviet model), going to the exam, put the shoes under the heel. Right-handers have to put a Nickel under the right leg, the left – under the left. If penny can not find – you can use a modern five-ruble coin, but its effectiveness is much lower. It is best to use a coin that had once helped you or anyone you know to pass the exam successfully - every good rating increases the magic power of the penny.
On the day of the exam, you cannot shave, hair cut and file nails (it is believed that this may shorten the mind). It is not recommended to wash the head to keep the water washed from her knowledge.
In front of the audience can hold onto the tree or the person who just passed the exam excellently. Not be amiss and knock on wood (it can be the doorframe, table, chair and so on).
To select a ticket, too, have their rituals "for good luck": the right-hander should take the ticket with the left hand, while standing on the right foot (the left-handed – quite the opposite). Language thus it is necessary to keep in the cheek. And the ticket should be the thirteenth because if you clearly demonstrate that you are not afraid of failure, failure begins to fear you.