Tune in for a long and difficult job. The next day you have to memorize a huge amount of information. Try to create the most comfortable conditions. Hardly something to remember, if there runs a small child or the neighbors make repairs. Minimum number of external stimuli is the key to successful memorization. Everything you need (notes, reference books, textbooks), it is better to put on the table, not to spend time searching.
Plan your day. Divide roughly in half all the tickets. One part teach before lunch, and another after. Think about how many questions you are able to disassemble in an hour. Such planning not only will you strive to stay on schedule, but will leave a couple of night hours for emergency situations. For example, to repeat the most difficult moments.
Systematization – the third step to successful learning. As a rule, the list of exam questions follows the course content, and that, in turn, are built from simple to complex. Do not reinvent the wheel and learn all about it.
Do not forget about the rest. Scientists have proved that to concentrate on anything a person can an hour. Then attention dissipates and you won't even notice, running his eyes over the lines of the textbook, do not understand anything. Preferably after each hour of study to do at least a 5 minute break.
In the list of questions, cross off ones you've already learned. This not only helps not to get lost in the huge amount of information, but also gives a psychological effect. Your brain realizes that you are progressing well.
Write Cribs. Rewriting definitions and formulas helps you to remember them, not only visually. Crib involves muscle memory. Furthermore, they always paid introduction, which can be diluted with examples on the exam.
Cramming is evil. The mechanical reproduction of certain information, the positive effect will not give. It is important that you understand what was going on, and not repeat somebody been defined. Disadvantage of cramming is that a forgotten word at the moment of response on the exam will simply knock you off track. If you understand what I tell, I can rearrange the phrase to find synonyms.