You will need
  • - passport (yours and the previous owner);
  • - copy of General power of attorney certified by a notary;
  • - passport of the vehicle;
  • - certificate of registration of the vehicle.
To begin, consider two options for transferring the car over on the General power of attorney, but one of them necessarily implies the presence in the transaction the previous owner of the car.
Agree with the former owner of the car about his involvement in the transaction of renewal, and with it will appear in MREO (Interdistrict registration-examination Department) at your place of residence.
Write statements about the removal and placement of vehicle registration in connection with change of the owner under General power of attorney. Go through the procedure of technical inspection, pay the registration fee, get the license plate and vehicle registration document with the changed data about the owner.
If you failed to contact the former owner of the car, rebook the vehicle at his relative with a subsequent renewal for themselves. General power of attorney gives you the right to pass a car the property of another person who is your relative.
Come along with the new owner of the car (i.e. with the person you extended your car under the General power of attorney) to the DMV and write a statement about removing the car from the register and registration, go to the procedure of technical inspection of the vehicle. Give the registration on the vehicle registration document and power of attorney.
Pay the registration fee for the removal of a vehicle from the register. Get back the documents with the changes information of the owner.
Contact the DMV on your place of residence, write a statement about the production of vehicle registration. Grant documents: General power of attorney to owning a car, the vehicle passport. Pay legal costs and go through the procedure of technical inspection.
Get the license plate and vehicle modifications information of the owner.