Advice 1: How to make beautiful love

Sex is an important component of human life. If in the beginning of the relationship classes love violent themselves, many couples have passion gives way to calm. But in 10, 20 years from now I feel that the sex was vivid and memorable. And here many question arises how beautiful it is to do with love? However, this issue appears not only from people who are already together for a long time. To do is beautiful love you want all: the young and the more Mature couples.
How to make beautiful love
To arrange a memorable night of love you can even in your own apartment. Send the kids to grandma, while they themselves prepare for the upcoming evening. Buy scented candles and place them around the perimeter of the bedroom. You can also buy rose petals and scatter them around the room, on the bed. Besides the fact that they create a pleasant visual effect, the scent of the roses is an afrodisiaco, ie your mutual attraction will be more. Before going into the bedroom, take combines a relaxing and calming bath and then a massage with essential oils to your partner. Better use those fragrances that will help to cause a rush of desire you and your husband or young man. It can be Jasmine, ylang-ylang, patchouli, sandalwood and others. Though gradually the massage turns into a love game that you and your partner will remember for a long time.
Change the familiar surroundings. For example, clear a room. If possible, it is possible to check in to the honeymoon Suite. The decor in these rooms is usually by itself adjusts to the playful mood. Order in the room a bottle of cold champagne and fruit. Forget about everything that surrounds you around. This night should not exist, nothing and no one except you and your partner.
You can go on a vacation at sea. The southern night sky full of stars, sea spray and your Topless body will make you erotic mood. In one of these evenings oprates on a deserted, rarely visited beach there and surrender to the power of love and passion. A night you'll remember for a long time with his beloved.
Try role-playing. In online shops and sex shops you can purchase costumes for different roles. The teacher and student, nurse and patient, the options can be as long as you like. All limited only by your imagination and emancipation. Many hesitate to try role-playing, as I consider them vulgar. But you could have made up such roles that will be beautiful and romantic in themselves. For example, imagine yourself a Princess, and a young man - a Prince. And if we can find a suitable situation (for example, to turn an ordinary room into a medieval bedroom has a four poster bed), you get a very nice erotic night.

Advice 2 : How to make love in the bathroom

Making love in the bathroom is a great way to diversify personal life. Sensual prelude to sex this will be a soaping partner. But many do not do sex in the bathroom, explaining that the tub is small it is very inconvenient to fully make love. Is actually important to choose the right pose and then having sex in bath tub will bring you many pleasures.
How to make love in the bathroom
You will need
  • Consider the 8 sensual poses that are suitable for sex in the shower or bath. From this number, you will pick up a pose for yourself or will be experimenting in the bathroom at least every day.
1. Doggie-style

This position is well suited for enjoyment in the bathroom. Only under your knees girl it is advisable to put a silicone Mat. The rule of this sex position: the lady need to hold something with your hands, then the pair will not fall at the crucial moment.
2. Niagara falls

This position allows you to make love in the bathroom of medium size. Under feet it is necessary to put a silicone Mat that the sex did not end with bruises. Hold necessary for a side bath. In this position the partner is very convenient to caress her. By the way, this position stimulates the female G-spot, the stream of shower water directed at the clitoris, gently massaging it.
3. On the throne

For those who like to feel like main sex, perfect pose "On the throne". The girl easily adjust the depth of penetration. Partner should lie on your back, legs bent at the knees. The girl's feet between the legs of a partner, hands rest against his hips.
4. Standing

This pose is more suitable for the soul. For quick sex thing. Partner leans against the wall with his back, the girl supports the buttocks. The lady at the moment of sex have stronger gripping hips to enhance the sensations.
5. Classic

Also suitable for the shower. The girl stands facing partner, one leg bent at the knee. We recommend that you first girl to jump on a partner to the depth of penetration was better.
6. Dog-2

A girl should arch your back, bend your knees for better penetration. The ramp is a man, he should firmly hold the lady's hips. At the same time the partner will get pleasure from the water.
7. Iceberg

The girl needs to grab a shower, one leg to put on the edge of the bath. You can arch your back to achieve better stimulation of the point G.
8. Balance

Then the girl stands back to the partner, leaning forward. It is necessary to rely on the floor, and instead of an orgasm you can get bruises.
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