The lessons enjoyable

The most common occupation with a guy at home alone is watching movies on a cozy sofa with a whole set of delicious dishes on the coffee table. But in the same situation can be read aloud interesting to you both book or listen to it in the performance of professional speaker. You can also compare the artwork and the film based on his motives.

Try to play with a guy in a computer game. Choose the genre that makes you nervous and to quarrel. If you do not get to shoot monsters and drive a race on the highway, pulling the guy with simulations of life. For example, the Sims 3 is perfect for cooperative play, where you can create characters, choose a setting of home, to build houses, plant gardens and much more.

Take finally their photos! Make a slideshow with your favorite music and stunning special effects. Download templates for photo collages in any particular style. Then this work you can send to all your family and friends, let them admire the beautiful couple and stunning scenery. You can even arrange a photo shoot in funny costumes, and applying bright makeup and wearing costume wigs.

Classes useful

Staying at home with a guy, but a romantic pastime you can think of other useful classes. If you like any dish, learn to cook instead of order takeout or buy in the salad bar of the supermarket! Even in the preparation of rolls, and requires no special cooking art - what matters is that you both helped each other and treated the process of "torsion" with humor. Maybe you'll invent a signature family dish that will be proud to entertain guests.

Surely in your home there are a couple of cases for a real man. For example, hang a picture, move the rack or change the gasket in the mixer. It's possible that the guy will relish the opportunity to help and demonstrate their skills. And collaboration is always a test of compatibility and a great opportunity to know your partner much better. Just don't forget to thank the master for his diligence!

After a fruitful work and a hearty dinner it's time to play a quiet Board game. To acquire bingo, Monopoly, cards, dominoes or chess in advance, if the house is nothing like that.